Ones To Watch?

Kellie and Myself love our movies. We might not watch a lot of television programs, but snuggled down on the sofa with a copious amount of snackage is always a good way to spend an evening or a child-free weekend.

Every now and then I will go through the "Coming Soon" lists to see what's due out in the coming months, and quite often a lot of it I sift straight past with a big fat "meh" Every now and then, however, several things catch my eye and I want them to come out kinda sorta soonish.

As I have proven many times in the past, I am quite happy to completely ignore any and all movie critic reviews. After all, I might happen to like the random-stuff-blowing-up-even-though-it's-not-explosive affairs, and what they thought was a crappy plot or rubbish acting, I enjoy it. And on the other side of the coin, there are films that receive rave reviews that I have seen and sit there wondering how I can reclaim those two hours of lost life...

But I digress. There are seven films that look promising, and one that I'm not entirely sure about, but we'll get to that...

Your Highness
As a rule, I am not a big fan of the Fantasy-Comedy. I like my fantasy full of elves and magic and stuff, and not a random slapstick with swords. If I want comedy fantasy I will watch Shrek, thank you.

However. Something about this trailer made me want to see this.

Kevin James makes me chuckle, even though I never saw his TV Show. I first saw him in a movie Kellie suggested, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, which had me in stitches. Since then, I've seen most of his movies and he cracks me up.

Zookeeper strikes me in the same sort of vein of Night At The Museum which I loved too, so hopefully this one will be as good/funny.

Puss In Boots
OK, yes, I said previously about Fantasy/Comedy movies, but come on, this is Puss in Boots. I loved the character in the Shrek movies, and now he's gained his own movie franchise.

My worry? That the makers have taken the Shrek license and are just running with it, wringing out every last movie ticket and toy sale they can. The trailer doesn't show much, so fingers crossed it works.

Cowboys & Aliens
Crossing over genres is hard to do, and it's harder to do right. When I saw something about this last year, I actually thought it was going to be A) Animated, and B) A kids movie. Oops, wrong AND wrong again.

The long trailer does make it look quite impressive, but then, it might just be Independence Day set in the wild west. Fingers crossed it works...

Super 8
Steven Spielberg used to mess with my head when I was little, but I loved ET & Close Encounters. Now, as a grown up, it's JJ Abrams with Lost and Cloverfield that screw my brain around.  Imagine my "ooooh" moment when I saw that Super 8 is from both of them.

The trailer looks very much like Close Encounters, with the night time mood, wobbly signs and stuff, but very Cloverfield/Lost with the you-know-there's-something-there-but-you-can't-see-it...

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
As a general rule, scary movies aren't, well, scary. They don't do anything for me and I tend to sit there yawning. Kellie, on the other hand, tends to get behind pillows and under duvets while cowering.

I watched this trailer mainly because it's a Del Toro movie, and he has quite the imagination. And I was right, this one made me jump, and Kellie actually kept her eyes closed, even though you know what's coming.

Don't watch this trailer if you're prone to being scared.

The WTF movie of the list is a "horror" and that is pretty much the only pigeon-hole it will fit into. We've seen horror movies that are normal humans, evil humans, the undead, evil possessed cars, but this... This is about Robert.

A tyre.

Not even a wheel, just the tyre. At first I thought "uuuh..." when I saw the release date was April 1st, but after a bit of digging it is apparently real.

I just want to see it for the WTF aspect of it all!

Real Steel
This is the movie I can't decide on... Real Steel is set a bit in the future, where boxing has been replaced by robot-boxing. It reads like one of these underdog-makes-good movies, complete with washed out person that was once very good, and someone (in this case, a robot) that no one believes in.

Except, you know, it's full of boxing robots.

I can't decide if it's going to be a half-decent movie with a plot and stuff, or if someone sat watching Transformers and thought "You know, we need more movies with robots beating the pants off one another"

I have a sneaking suspicion, it's going to be the latter...

Of course, this ENTIRE list is moot and uninteresting, simply because the only movie that I want to see (and now!) is The Hobbit. Sorry, movies, plural. It's been in the press this week that filming has actually started down in jolly New Zealand, and apparently is still on course for it's December 2012 release. I'm a little peeved that it's being done as two movies, but then, I suppose with the success of the Lord of the Rings series, the companies are willing to let Peter Jackson do it exactly as he wants. If it means they tell the story in it's entirety (or as near as dammit) then that's fine by me.

I DID notice, however, that Elijah Wood has been recast as Frodo. Which is strange as I am really sure he's not in it... Especially as I think that he isn't even born during The Hobbit. I can only hope assume, that the story of The Hobbit will be told from the characters point of view at the end of LotR, in a "This is where the ring came from" aspect with Bilbo telling him the whole journey, or Frodo reading Bilbos book.

I am sure it will only be a minor peeve - after all, Peter Jackson has already said he wants to put Legolas in the story too, and he wasn't in The Hobbit as far as I can remember...

Still, we can only wait and see! I'm not going to comment on any of the casting choices or decisions, as I am pretty sure they are going to do a marvellous job of it all.

Best source of information on The Hobbit is probably, and generally where I sit reading every now and then for more info! Till then, I think I'm going to dust off the book again!

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