Not Sure Why...

So, last Monday, Blogger annouced they would be having an hour or so downtime on Wednesday night - which equated to Thursday morning for me.  I read it, and promptly forgot about it.

No biggie, it was just "scheduled maintenance" for an hour or so.  Thursday morning, I tried to blog, and halfway through my "Digital Darwinism" post, it stopped saving, and then wouldn't publish.  I quick look around and I realised it was probably the maintenance.  I quick look on the help forums, and the world was spitting.  Sod that, I left them to it.  An hour later, it was all fine and dandy, so I published my post, wrote out todays Musical Monday and thought nothing more.

This morning, I noticed there was no sign of either post, so I went in and saw the tags were screwed, the Musical Monday post claimed to have posted, but hadn't, and the hard drive picture was also marked as "Draft" for some reason.

So I fixed the tags, ensured the music post was done, and thought nothing more of it.  Popping onto Facebook, I noticed all three posts appeared on there two or three times each.  The tags were still screwed too.  I fixed them and that was that.

Then they published again for some reason.

I deleted the additional posts to save spammage, but I am not entirely sure what was going on nor why.  I am hoping this post appears so I know it's working, mainly.

Still, I love Blogger to bits still and won't be leaving.  I am quite happy to not change to another platform, and with the amount of new features coming to Blogger soon, I am even happier to stay and play!

So, if posts appear out of nowhere after you've already read them, or if anything appears screwed up, please let me know, and I will get it fixed ASAP.

Two additional notes: HTC have released Android 2.3 Over-the-Air updates for the Desire HD and Incredible here in the UK, so click your Update Now button to get it - but get it via wifi as it's 108Mb ;)  Second, apologies for the amount of spam in the tagboard of late - as quickly as I Report/Ban/Delete them, they're coming back, so I am considering removing it.. We shall see.

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One Response to “Not Sure Why...”

Posh Totty said...

Have recently removed my tagboard for the same reason ;o)