Weekend Plans: Ruined

Well, shit.

This weekend, Kellie and I are going to check out a possible wedding venue. Saturday morning, no less.  However, if the mEnTaLs of the world are to be believed, Saturday is the end of the world and the Rapture.

So, I say again, shit.

Now, I get that people believe, well, whatever they believe in.  Gods, Prophets, Zen, Chi, Flying Spaghetti Monsters... Each to your own.  However, this is yet another End of the World date that has loomed and, I will place money, will pass by without, you know, The Apocalypse.

Like certain other religious "groups" this one is pretty much off its proverbial rocker.  See, the chap that believes this is the end has used maths to figure it out.  Oh, and that Gay Pride and Same Sex Marriages are to blame too.

So, mathematically speaking, he's worked out the date AND the reason - which isn't bad considering that's like working out the area of a square using maths and an angry gorilla armed with a machine gun.  The area of X is a times b time holy-freaking-hell-he's-got-a-machine-gun-arrrrgh!

Not convinced? REALLY? Well, how about this, the guy doing the maths is the same guy that said the same thing would happen in 1994...

The bloke, however, is REALLY certain it's going to happen. So my question is... If it DOESN'T happen, is that not his God telling him to piss off? Hands up everyone that thinks Saturday will come and go, and the chap comes up with a really cool reason like... Oooh "So many people prayed, God spared us"

Uh huh.

So here's some linkage for you:

Hopefully when the Rapture comes, the weather will be nice...

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One Response to “Weekend Plans: Ruined”

Kim said...

*Puts hand up* What a load of those round things