And Another Week...

Time flies when you're having fun.  That's what they say.  It also seems to fly by when you're busy, when you've got loads to do, and when you want just TEN DAMN MINUTES to sit and chill out.

First off, Sunday was Fathers Day, and I was blasted awake by four kids at the crack of dawn... Well, I say crack but in actual fact, I was drugged up and it was 10am.  I barely had time to force my eyeballs open when cards, presents, balloon and THEM bouncing all over the bed.

Within minutes of managing to pry the gifts open, Kellie appeared with a plate of cooked breakfast.  Result! I was a bit worried, being Fathers Day and me being on a diet... However, Kellie did her homework, and the whole breakfast was lean or no fat, no fat used to cook it - so it was actually a healthy cooked breakfast.

And a coffee too!

I wasn't allowed to do anything all day, be it make a cuppa, put away clothes or crockery... Well and truly spoiled.  Plus, dinner was a massive roast, and Kellie had gotten me some lean sirloin steak, so I was in heaven.

I had a lovely day and it was wonderful having all four monkies charge around after me!  A very big thank you to the kids and of course, Kellie, for spoiling me, for my gifts and cards and everything.

In other news, I am now pretty much a week into the diet.  NO idea if I am losing weight or whatever, but I have to say, I am actually enjoying it.  I don't think I've ever eaten so much fruit and veg in my life.  It took me a few days to get to grips with it, but slowly but surely, we're getting there.

Last night, we took it to a completely new level, and decided we needed to do a BIG shop.  A lot of the recipes calls for various ingredients, but for most of them, I was missing one or two key ingredients, so most of them were off limits.  Last night, however, we decided to hell with it, and bought as many ingreidents as we could.  Then some more. Then general shopping. Then fruit and veg.

Long story short, we ended up with two trolleys of shopping. Yes, it cost a shed-load, BUT I can say, hand on heart and feeling very proud, not one item was a crafty sweetie, crisps, quick snacks or anything. We also got a new wok and kettle!

Two hours we were shopping. Then another 40 minutes to put it all away when we finally got it home. THEN I did dinner.  Normally, if we got in late, we'd pick up the phone and order Chinese, Pizza, Kebab, Curry - whatever.  But nope, we needed to eat, so I cooked.  Mixed vegetable stir fry, a splash of sweet and sour sauce, accompanied with chilli and lime noodles which were gorgeous.

Added to the diet, I am making myself walk, and pretty much everywhere I go is by foot now.  I've started using an Android App called CardioTrainer which was suggested by one of my friends overseas, Michelle. It lets me map my route, measures steps, speed, distance, climb... Very handy for me.

Downside... Despite trying to "push through it" I am completely drained today.  Granted, I've been busy cooking all day, but I am completely fragged, so aside from going to my second Slimming World meeting tomorrow morning, I am not planning on doing very much at all.

Which brings me on to my next subject of "Aw poor laptop" which is also fragged.  I may have mentioned a few months back, I ended up doing a repair on the part where the power lead plugs in, as some wires had come off.  Well, yesterday in a moment of stupidity, I caught my foot on the cable, and the noise told me that I had undone the work I did to repair it.


To be honest, yesterday was a crappy day, I was bumping and farting all over the place, the laptop incident pissed me off, and it went downhill from there.  I'm really hurting, I was clumsy all day, the things I had to do didn't get done...

After a few calls, I've found someone that is going to collect, repair, and return the laptop for next to nothing, so thank goodness for that.  And if I get desperate, I've got the phone and the computer upstairs... HOPEFULLY it won't be in the repair shop for too long!

Otherwise, everything is going swimmingly.  I am soooo in my cooking bug.  I love to cook anyway, just not very confident with it, but I've got a couple of days of decent things to make.  Can't wait!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow and a weight loss.  Even a little bit is fine for me. Just going to take it a bit easy for a few days, plus Thursday, Kellie and myself and actually going out and playing Adults and not Parents.

A very big thank you to everyone that has been sending me positive stuff for my diet... I'm getting there with it, but being cheered on really helps!!  I've been updating my Diet Blog with various bits, food diary, a track of my exercise a couple of recipes to boot... 

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One Response to “And Another Week...”

Christine said...

Good for you, Dan. Best of luck to you :)