Meanwhile In Devon (The Return)

It all happens in Devon... Now, you may know that some parts of Devon are quiet, peaceful little places, where the most interesting thing to happen is a new combine harvester being released, or Daisy the Cow falling in a ditch.

However, aside from my presence down there last year, you may recall the Helicopter Crash. Yes, that was in the back garden of my future brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

So much for nice, quiet and lazy.

Today, however, they decided to up the stakes. Nothing trumps an Air-Accident like an act of Mother Nature.

They had an earthquake!

Now, you may poo-poo this or pfft, hurrumpf, meh or whatever, but it's true! Even the British Geological Society have it on their site for a Felt Earthquakes. The most amusing part is the fact that this occured less than two miles from where James & Kat live. 2.7 on the Richter Scale.

OK, not end-of-the-world-disaster-movie worthy, BUT enough to shift their house around. Don't believe me? Kat (the future-0dd-sister-in-law) had her updated her Facebook status earlier to "OMG my house has just moved! What the f*** was it?!"

I know there are readers in distant lands that get proper earthquakes all the time, but I am a simple man, and things like this amuse me.

The most amusing part? Kellie is going down there next weekend! Maybe now is a good time to fill out those life insurance policies...

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One Response to “Meanwhile In Devon (The Return)”

Sage said...

I can blame it on you then lol ;-) xx