And I'm DONE

I've finally cracked, caved, and am sick to the back teeth of it.  Before, I didn't mind it so much, I could cope, I could deal, it was just "one of those things" and while I've tried to sort it before, I never really got anywhere.

So, to that end, I am DONE with being a big fat chunky lard-wobbler.  I've tried a couple of diets in the past, but various reasons had them knocked on the head.  Since being with Kellie, I've naturally dropped a shed of weight, but it's kinda levelled out now, and so to that end, since Monday just gone, I've been consciously attempting to diet.

And yesterday, I took the final double-footed dive and joined a local Slimming World group.

Now, me, never sure around people I don't know, never sure in places I've never been, decided to do this for myself.  Kellie would be with me too except she works, and evenings are obviously her time with the wee nippers, so it's me delving into places unknown.

I stepped in and the first thing I noticed was... Aaaaaall ladies.... Yeeeeeah...

OK, now it happens they are all a lot older than me, aside from one or two, but I was the only XY series of chromosomes in the room.  Go me.

I was made to feel really welcome - there were a couple of other newcomers to the group too, so it wasn't just me on my jack jones.  I joined, got weighed (Ouch...) and got all my info. Today is my first proper day on the Slimming World diet, and mostly I will be doing the "Extra Easy" diet, but will have "Original" days and "Green" days thrown in too.

My downfall is evening snacking... Generally, I would skip breakfast, miss lunch, then have a late dinner with Kellie, and then once the squids are in bed, we sit and nibble on "stuff" like crisps or chocolate.

And then go to bed.

Yes, I know, bad Dan. But that's stopping now.  We made sure that over the weekend we got rid of* any junk food kicking around in the cupboards and Monday, we bought a wheelbarrow of fruit and veg, plus a few other bits and bobs.

Thinking I was clever, I bought a few bits I assumed were good for me, but it turns out that large Shredded Wheat and Honey are actually things that I need to be really careful with.  Oops.

Yesterday we mostly did the diet, and I consciously made sure I wasn't eating crap, but taking into account the things I thought were good vs. whether or not they were actually good, it turns out yesterday was a crap food day too.  Technically.  It wasn't chocolate and snacks, just things I took for granted.  Like the shredded wheat, plus a little olive oil spread, white bread, and even a little bag of crisps with lunch.

I'll get over it.

However, for dinner last night, I followed one of the Slimming World recipes, and made us all a Chicken Curry with rice.  Holy crap was it nice.  Afterwards we had some more fruit, and last night, neither Kellie nor myself wanted to eat anything.  We were properly full up, and that hasn't happened for a while.  Even if we have a big dinner, we'll still nibble after 9pm.

Like I said, Kellie is doing the diet with me, just not going to the meetings.  I'm (even more) in charge of dinners and stuff, and just have to let her know the night before what her two "Healthy Options" are going to be for the following day.

I have to say, I am quite hopeful.  I've been through all the books, registered on the site and read through loads of stuff there, and even looked at lots of recipes that everyone in the house can eat.  Just need to plan forwards a bit more than anything, which this week is quite tough as we are really struggling as we are still waiting on our money to be sorted.  However, after phoning them last night and chasing them (again!) we'll be getting our money on Monday/Tuesday next week.

I've decided to keep a separate blog for our dieting.  Kellie may or may not join in there too, but I'm going to post all my weights and measures as additional motivation, as well as my food diaries so I can keep track of everything.  If you want a nosey, it's over at and currently titled "Diet: Its just DIE but with a "T" " because I am unimaginative like that ;)

What I don't want is for people to say "Don't do that diet because...." otherwise I will end up questioning myself and if it really is worth me doing it and ultimately jacking it in.  I've tried Weight Watchers before, and I've tried Slim Fast, and I even tried going vegetarian for a bit. 

If you happen to have any easy-ish recipes for Slimming World, please share with me! I don't want stuff that takes six hours to prepare (unless five and half of those hours are "leave in the slow cooker") and ideally, I don't want stuff with expensive ingredients that will bankrupt us.

Oh, and on top of this, I am attempting to increase my physical activity.  THIS I think is going to be my hardest part.  I tend to walk most places anyway, but I run out of energy and have to deal with the pain afterwards.  This week, I've been more active, cycling Monday, walking Tuesday, walking a lot more Wednesday, but today, I can hardly move and am exhausted... Just got to attempt to find that happy medium I suppose.

Words of encouragement, advice, recipes and similar stuff is all most gratefully received :D

*By "Get Rid Of" I mean, I ate.

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8 Responses to “And I'm DONE”

Anonymous said...

Go Dan and Kellie! also don't forget to take a before picture, front and side angles, to compare with your after photo! :)


Dan said...

Thank you :D
Will take pictures, but not entirely sure I will post them, but we'll see!

Dorothy Morrison said...

Good job. It is so hard, I joined Weight Watchers recently after having my own "I'm done" moment and it is working, but it is hard to stay focused when life gets in the way, my advice is don't get discouraged if you fall off track a bit, just take it one meal at a time :) Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Very best of luck to the both of you!

Dan said...

Thanks Dorothy :D
I am working as best I can to stay focused and exercise that "willpower" thing I've heard so much about! I will deal with crappy moments as best I can, so fingers crossed.

Dan said...

Ta Sarah :D
The fact we've not got junk food kicking around any more should be a big help... He says, hopefully!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dan and Kellie. No words of wisdom as Im still struggling with the Get up and get my ass to the gym after I got hurt there. BUT when I cant walk to the back of the parkign lot without getting winded that is my motivation. My biggest thing is I am always hungry. Smaller meals that are healthier and more often seem to work wonders. So I am told. When I was faithful I dropped almost 10 lbs. I stopped and gained back 7 :(. Back on it now. Keep it up.

Seem to not be able to post with my google acct. But its Stephanie Rastelli :)

The Sween! said...

If you fancy something different, try playing a game of squash - very good for cardio & also you sweat buckets which should drop the weight off in no time! If you're up for it, lemme know!