It never rains in this house, no no.

This time around, it's poor ol' Molly that has developed something.  Last week - during half term break no less - she got poorly.  Temperature, really icky throat (Swollen and ulcerated no less) and felt very sorry for her poor ickle self.  Over the weekend, she developed a patch of a strange rash on her back.

It was very painful to touch, little lumps and bumps, so we splattered some cream on it.  As she was over the germs, she trundled off to school.  Next day, rash was a little bigger and in a few other places on her left side.  Still sore, weird little patches of tiny spots.  More cream, job done.

Last night, she has several patches on her chest, side and back, and they were all sore too. So, Kellie opted for the next best thing to a doctor, posting a photo to Facebook.

Within a few minutes, a few people had come back with "Shingles" as well as a few other suggestions here and there. My money was on a viral rash - one of the random side effects of a random virus, thinking back to her germs last week.  We poked around on Google, and the rash was quite similar to the pictures of Shingles we could find, but without any wet blisters.

My money was still on virus.

This morning, we kept her off to go see the Doctor, and after waiting two hours to be seen (Shingles is VERY rare in kids; per 1000 children, it occurs in 0.75 of them!) we finally got in - we literally had to wait till the doctor had a few minute spare.

He had a look, checked her heart and breathing and decided that it was a very mild case of.... Shingles.


So, back home we came, and she is now up in bed watching DVDs.  School has been informed, people she's been with have been informed.  She gets a couple of days off school and has to rest, and if it gets worse, then just take her back to the doctors.  He was happy it was a very mild case and shouldn't cause any problems, and in herself, aside from being tired because the itching and soreness keeps her awake, she is fine and dandy.

And before the world breaks into panic... You can only get Shingles if you've HAD chicken pox. It's only contagious if you fiddle with the rash, and you can only get chicken pox from it - which means if you've HAD chicken pox, you're fine.  Shingles doesn't cause Shingles.  Chicken Pox can't give you Shingles.

So, aside from all that, the house is nice and quiet....

Oh, and for those that are just dying to see it:

Yes, I, Dan English, was wrong.

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4 Responses to “Rash”

Anonymous said...

I just fell off my chair ...Dan admitted he was wrong :)

Glad that all in all she is not overly crappy feeling with the shingles. Seems to be more and more of these popping lately. My cousin had it two years ago, my friend had it two weeks ago. Never heard of anyone I knew of with them growing up. hmmm.

Sending get well wishes to her.

Again not posting with Google but its Stephanie R :)

Anonymous said...

I had shingles in class 4 at primary school, then got chicken pox at secondary school.
Yup, I'm weird.
I now have Post Herpatic Neuralgia Syndrome where I have chronic pain in my ear. I'm still trying to sort that one out.
Don't mess with shingles, get it sorted properly and completely.

Posh Totty said...

Sorry, can you say that last bit again please, I didn't quite hear it.

Dan said...

I will ALWAYS admit when I am wrong... Just not my fault it's such a rare occurrence ;-)