How Is It June?!

I don't get how June has suddenly appeared out of nowhere... I am fairly sure it was only just March?  This means we're half-way through the year already, and Crimbo is just six months away...


As you may have noticed, I've lost track of time. A mixture of being doped up on my meds, and it being school holidays, various social engagements and just trying to keep afloat on everything has meant the days have passed me by without my realising it.

Half term was manic, and it's still not completely over with, being that Tam is off today, and Molly off today AND tomorrow.  Then it's only a short six-week gap of school, then they are off for the summer. With Kellie at work, it's down to me to entertain the wee things during the school holidays, and the first half of the week wasn't too bad, being that it was just Molly here, but Wednesday Jaysen & Tamsyn returned, so it was three, then Friday Jaysen went off to Birmingham for a gaming weekend, and Saturday Kellie was off work so she could entertain short female things.

Wednesday saw me heading into town to get my contact lenses fitted which went really well.  I'm five days in with them, and think it's going well still, but I worry that I can feel them all the time.  If I think about them, I KNOW they are there and can feel them, but yesterday (Sunday) I had to take them out early as they were bothering me... I can't decide if it's because I was tired and we were stirring up dust rearranging the bedroom (again, this is rearrangement #4), or if I am not going to get on with them at all.  I LIKE wearing them, it's novel being able to see without having metalwork stuck to the front of my face, but if I am going to constantly fight itching my eye, then I'd sooner stick with glasses.  No doubt Mr Optician Man will put me right on Wednesday when I'm back up there.

Saturday saw us back on Canvey celebrating with Kerry & James... Aside from her being huge very preggers, James has finally gotten around to asking her to marry him, so they are engaged as well as knocked up! So Hurrah and Congrats to you both!!

So, with that, it suddenly being June, and the last cobwebs finally leaving my brain-pan, I think I should get dressed... It IS 1020am, and I've only been up since 0700.

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