Musical Monday #105 - Don't Leave

Not sure why - I suspect it's the new medication more than anything - but I've had Bethy a lot on my mind over the last couple of weeks.  Nothing bad, nothing to push me to tears, but she's been there, running around in my mind.

There's nothing around this time of the year that pushes me to think of her, the weather has been nice (well, except now I'm writing this, it's been pishing down for the last 12+ hours!) so it's not the grey weather.  I'm not upset thinking about her, but there we are.  Not that she's ever far from my mind though.

My Musical Monday song is lovely, and one I often had going through my head when she was in hospital.  Faithless - Don't Leave is more for a couple splitting up, but I just focused on the "Don't Leave" aspect of it, and decided I'd post it here for todays post.

That, and I've been struggling with a Musical Monday post again!

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