Three Years of Awwww

Edit: Stupid Blogger... I set the scheduled post to appear on the morning of the 9th, but it did post. After checking, it was set to Americanised date, so instead of 9/6/2011 being the 9th of June as is normal, it decided I meant the 6th of September...  So anyways:

Today is the anniversary of Kellie and myself being together for three years!  Yes folks, this time three years ago, I had spent the weekend previously up in Poshville with Posh Totty, Mr Posh, Posh Jnr, Jennifer, Lynzi and Becky, while on the Saturday, Kellie had been at Kelly & Kevins wedding with Kerry.  My time in Poshville was spent texting her, and her time at the wedding was spent texting me.

I was getting considerable stick from the Poshville group because being me, I didn't know what to do or say.  My theory was that she would eventually realise.  However, I think the considerable amount of Jack Daniels helped me be a little more "obvious" than I would have been otherwise.

On Sunday 8th, I text Kellie and while I can't remember what was said (fear does that) we decided we'd meet up on Monday, go for a drink and have "a chat" about "us".

I was crapping my underpants a little nervous but I went to Kellies, and then we headed to the pub around the corner.  My main resounding memory was that it was hot.  Bloody hot. I was pretty glad of it to be honest, as I was red-faced and everything.  We sat outside, JD & Coke in hand, and I think we spoke.  I can't remember what was said, but the end result after over an hour of the sun baking my skin was sunburn, and Kellie walking me to the bus stop.

And we were holding hands.

I'd like to say the journey to that point was easy, smooth and bump-free, but as people will tell you, I was a nervous wreck when I realised I liked her.  Late night texts, chatting to people on MSN, emails... I was completely clueless what body language meant what, what certain phrases might have meant, was that song put on intentionally...

Three years later, and I'm still never certain if I am doing or saying the right thing, yet the rings on our fingers suggest that I am doing something correctly. We're living together, which means the wrong feet I've put forwards haven't been completely erroneous.

So, my Kellie, thank you for being with me, even if it took you a little longer than the rest of the world to catch on... Thank you for understanding me (mostly, anyway) and thank you for being with me through everything.

I love you very very much, and hopefully the next two years fly past to our wedding day.

Don't know WHAT she sees in me...
With love, my beautiful Kellie

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2 Responses to “Three Years of Awwww”

Sage said...

Congratulations on three years of togetherness, may you have a long and happy life together and if those smiles have anything to do with it, you will xx

Posh Totty said...

Oh yes I remember those early days well, whats more is I will never let you forget them either ;o) hehe!!

Congrats to you both Xxx