Um, Oops?

There are times when my brain well and truly farts, and things slip by that probably are best NOT allowed to slip by.

So I figured that I had already told people about Tams incident, but after talking to Gemma earlier, it would appear that, no, I haven't mentioned.  I checked back on the blog and I went back through my Facebook.

Somehow, I seem to have missed telling everyone that Tam has a broken arm.

Yep, last week during the holidays, she was playing on the trampoline at her mums with her step-brother when a collision occurred, followed by gravity taking over, and a 12 year old boy landing on the 6 year old girl.

End result, Tamsyn has a compression fracture of her right arm.

So last week, the hospital put on a half-cast and a bandage, bunged her in a sling and told her to come back for proper plastering today.  And so, today, Tamsyn and I went up to the hospital and sat around for just over an hour waiting to be seen... Finally, when we got called, the doctor took off the backslab, checked her over, poked and prodded, said it's healing well, the swelling was gone, and had a proper plaster put on her.

So, she's armless for another three weeks.  On the bright side, she got to choose the colour of her cast and opted for bright red.  Thankfully, she's back to school on Monday - they didn't want her in without a proper cast (cue the rant about "Health and Safety" rules) and the poor little Peanut has been bored out of her proverbial skull.

I had tried convincing her that they were going to take off her old arm today and replace it with a new one, but she wasn't having any of it... Though she DID pause to think about it when the bloke beside us had his old cast removed with a circular cutting thing.  Bad Daddy ;)

Bless the little spanner...

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3 Responses to “Um, Oops?”

Sarah Tallon said...

If it's good enough for Hellboy...

Dan said...

As long as she doesn't grow horns, it's fine by me!

Posh Totty said...

Awww bless her, hope its not too long before she is all mended again Xxx