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As a warning to everyone that reads 0ddness, I have finally pulled my finger out and started the process of telling Namesco to stuff their "service" and to relocate my business elsewhere.

After being told that I do NOT have any form of Freedom of Speech on their servers, I have been poking around trying to find another decent company that have, what I like to call, Customer Service and not a great big "F**K YOU!" sign when a speed bump appears.

Many thanks to James (who is actually blogging again! DUN DUN DAAAAA!) who has a massive account with 1and1.co.uk who has kindly allowed me to tack all our Domains over to his account.  This morning, I started the Transfer of Domain on all our URLs; 0ddness.co.uk, kelliecastleman.co.uk, danenglish.co.uk, plus another one I'm not putting out there yet.

This means that it is POSSIBLE 0ddness.co.uk will be inaccessible for a while.  IF this should happen - and it is quite likely - then the blog is STILL around, just no longer directing where it should be.  If that is the case, then use:


which is the actual home of the blog. The same is true for the very very dusty and *subtle hint* in need of updating blog of Kellies.  If you can't get on there, then use:


Hopefully, the downtime of the domain names will be minimal, but if it changes at 2am one night, then I'm not going to be able to do much about it till I emerge from the pit and realise "Oh, it's not working"

I'll also stick a message on the 0ddness Facebook Page with the backup URL, but if you do see it down, feel free to chuck me a message just to say it's not working.

I am considering hosting 0ddness/Kellies World myself too, but am not totally sure how I would go about it. I love the Blogger software - I always have done - and even when I've wandered off to try pastures new, I always end up BACK with Blogger.  Currently, the Blogger hosting is perfect, and aside from the occasional hiccup here and there, I've never had any need to complain.  With the blog contents being hosted in the United States, my Freedom of Expression is protected thanks to their Whatever-Number-Amendment laws which means even if Certain Companies don't like what I have to say about them, then that's just their tough luck.  I'm not inciting hatred nor violence against anyone, and my own personal views - and the views of people commenting on the posts - are just that: Personal Views.

And all protected by Freedom of Expression.

Once the hosting-switch is completed, all the Gimme Gizmo & DRW posts, as well as all the respective comments on each post by other annoyed people, all the content will be fully restored.

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One Response to “0ddness Uptime”

Kim said...

I use wordpress which comes free with fantastico section of CP panel with Lunar. Took me a while to get the hang of it, but I love it now :o)