Dates & Memory...

It has to be said that some people have a better memory than others.  Some people are able to memorise some data but not other stuff.  Some people can remember dates, others can't.

I am good with conversations, and I am good with dates (for the most part!).  Phone numbers I suck at.  Making arrangements to be in places by a certain time is a bugbear of mine too - if you say "Be there for 9" then nine it is.  Not five past.

But I digress.

Last night, what with the boys being back at school today, Kellie and Myself were making the packed lunch boxes ready for the morning.  As is usually the case, we were gassing about whatever popped to mind, and for some reason, the date sprang into my head.  A brief *whirr-click-clank* and I realised that next week is the anniversary of us getting engaged.

For those of you that don't remember, the date was the 12th September.  That is the crucial date in question.  You should also consider the fact that Kellie asked Me to marry HER.

Me: Wow, we've been engaged a year next week!
Kellie: .... Blimey, that went fast.
Now, I will interrupt here to point out that that was indeed a pause before she spoke.  Straight away, my whirring-clanking brain spits out the answer "She doesn't know the date" so I figured I would test her...

Because, after all, I am a bastard.
Me: You do remember the date, don't you dear?
Kellie: ... Yes (again, a pause)
Me: So, out of interest, what date WAS it baby?
Kellie: ...
Me: Go on, give it a try!
Kellie: Er... the 6th?
Me: (Now acting the wounded, hurt party) No baby, not the sixth...
Kellie: The 9th?
Me: No baby.
Kellie: The 7th? 10th? 11th?
Me: (by now I am peeing my pants with laughter and struggling to make the sodding sandwich)
Kellie: Oooooh I don't know! The 20th?!
Me: No baby...
Kellie: 21st? 22nd? 23rd? 24th? 25th? 26th? 13th? 14th?
Me: (I am now in stitches, especially as she completely MISSED the 12th... It's all I can do to wheeze no through the belly laughs)
Kellie: 15th? 16th? 17th? 18th? 19th?
Me: (The sandwiches can now wait.  She's listed all but five days of the month, and each time she asks, her voice goes up one octave till she's almost at the points where only dogs can answer her.)
Kellie: Ooooh I don't know! Don't you dare blog this!

By the time I could breath, I did eventually give her the date, but holy cows pants my face was aching.  The most amusing part was, had she said from the second guess "I can't remember!" there wouldn't be a blog post.  Piss-taking, maybe, but not a whole post.

No doubt, I will get in trouble when she gets in from work - assuming she sees that I've posted.  no doubt once she does, my eye-cream will accidentally get jabbed into my retina as she applies it.  But none the less, this will remain for prosperity.

To give her her dues, however - see, I AM fair - she remembers her home phone number from when she was 10, she remembers peoples postcodes from random points in history, and she remembers the occasional thing.

Bless my Kellie.

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