Construction: Done!

After goodness knows how many years of 0ddness having the same template, and how many years of being bored with it and going to change it, but chickening out at the last minute, I have finally done it.

It has to be said, it wasn't a hard thing to do - all the new Blogger templates and oojamiflips* that you can fiddle with now made it mostly easy and virtually painless, and aside from a few issues here and there, I can safely say it is finished.

I like it.  That is saying something to be honest, as quite often I change it, decide I hate it, then either revert it to the original one, or sulk about it and change it over and over. I used to love one that had a brilliant bit of artwork on it, but that was old original blogger and became thoroughly incompatible with the changes they did, but I moved on.

And, incidentally, that bit of Artwork is now my background on my other computer.

Anyways - there is currently no banner-title-thing on her because I've begged asked nicely to have a new one made so that's a work in progress, so bare with that for the time being. The mobile version of 0ddness should also be pretty and nice to look at too, so fingers crossed when you access it on your mobile, it'll be nice there too.

You'll notice I've also ditched the tagboard. It was getting spammed, none of my friends used it very often, and it just made me sad that the only time it got messages was someone telling me they weren't a spammer - only to find their blog was a spammy blog.  Ugh.

I'm not sure how many people actually read 0ddness via the site itself any more either... I've never been one for counting traffic for the sake of it - I like looking at the numbers just so I know A) that people ARE reading, and B) the interesting ways people trip face-first into the blog. I suspect most people read via an RSS Reader, Facebook or some other way.

If you're a reader, feel free to say hi in the comments section - even if you've never commented before, post in the comments section, say Howdy and let me know you're here.  I had one reader that kept to herself add me on Facebook a while back (I'm calling you out, Sue!) which was a nice surprise, so if you're too shy to comment on here, then prod me on Facebook! Alternatively, you can find me and add me on Twitter.  Facebook, Twitter, either way - there are links on the right to both - cunningly marked as "Facebook" and "Twitter"

Feedback on the new layout/design is appreciated, even if you don't like it... Kellie is going to have a pokey prod around with it in a bit too and give me her two pence worth, and once it is done, there will be a new banner up. Hopefully this layout will keep me happy for a while now!

*Oojamiflips (OO-JA-MA-FLIPS): Part of the systems of thingamajigs (THING-A-MA-JIGS), wotsitcalleds (WOTS-IT-CALLEDS) and doohikeythingies (DOO-HIKEY-THINGIES)

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One Response to “Construction: Done!”

InsomniacMedic said...

* You forgot Dooberrywotsits...