Due to Miss Kellie having fiddled with the Template on her Card Making blog, she's rattled my cage for MY template... You know, the one I keep threatening to change...

Well, after sodding around with the template tools in Blogger, I think I've found something I like. So it's going to change in a bit.  Apologies if you don't like it - but most people seem to read via Reader/Mobile or RSS anyway ;)

Still - bare with it while I prat around with it - it WILL be finished shortly, but it might undergo some rough-and-ready changes before it's finished.

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2 Responses to “Construction”

Posh Totty said...

Oh very nice, now hows about changing the template on your new Posh Blog too? ;o)

Dan said...

Oh I would do, but don't want to make it too Posh ;)