Here There Be Moaning...

For some reason, the last few days, I've been cranky. Proper cranky. I don't know if it's my time of the month, if it's the fact the most sleep I've had has been around two hours (the 16-hour drug induced sleep-a-thon notwithstanding), or if it's the fact I am in constant pain - or, in fact, all of the above - but things have been bugging me.

The beauty of having the blog is so I can rant and rave and let off steam, but I've been holding back because... Well, I don't know why. It occurred to me at 5am, however, that I should post what I want, regardless of people moaning that I'm moaning, or thinking it's them personally I am moaning at. It's not you mate, it's me. If you think I am having a pop at you personally, I'm not. I have no individuals in mind while writing this post. But I need to write it because otherwise I am liable to explode. If you don't want to read me whining and moaning and whinging about nothing in particular, then please don't read the rest of this post!

In no particular order...

OK, Facebook changed, we get that. And, as predicted, they didn't listen to the millions of people whining, and didn't change it back. Told ya so. The feature of marking "Top Stories" really bugs me though. Surely it's up to ME to decide if a story should be considered "top" or not. I don't go on Facebook very often, but when I do, I seem to spend most of the time clicking "Unmark as Top Story" in a hope it learns that I DON'T need them.

So far, so bad.

Still on Facebook - when did it become a constant barrage of "Motivational Pictures" site? Let me just flick to my Facebook tab for a quick count... OK, in the first 20 posts, FOURTEEN of them are some variation on how great some group is, or some "inspirational" image with a line from the Bible on it, or a picture with an arrow pointing at the person with some slogan like "This person loves..." or whatever.

I am finding myself playing on Google+ more than Facebook. Hell, I find myself not bothering with Facebook most days. Any updates you get from me on there are sent to both Facebook & Twitter via my phone. If I reply, it's because Facebook has sent me your comment and I've replied there. I can't be bothered trawling through all the rubbish just to see what people are up to.

I get posting/sharing the occasional picture - maybe for a friend, maybe to cheer yourself up, maybe to make others laugh - but some of you do it almost constantly ALL DAY LONG!

Lastly, to all the drama kings and queens out there... If you post "What's the point in everything" or "OMG things can't get any worse..." or whatever, get over yourself. IF you have shit going on in your life and want the world to know about it, then TELL the world. Don't do some dramatic post and wait for half a dozen "concerned" friends to ask what's wrong and to fawn over you before saying "I broke a nail" or "I can't afford these new shoes" or whatever. If your problem is THAT long, post your status then add the rest as a comment.

With Facebook annoying me so much of late, I've been on Twitter more. It seems a lot friendlier, and you can have a chat and others can join in and so on. However...

I don't use Twitter very much on Fridays. When I first started, there was this "fun thing" to do where you promoted one of your favourite users to all your friends - Follow Friday, it was called. Basically, I decided which of the people I followed were funny/interesting/amusing or whatever, and posts a post along the line of:
#ff Follow @thisbloke because he said this, does this, and generally is good at this.
And that was that. Me, one post. However, the last few months it has been decided by, well, whoever, that the BEST thing to do is have as many people as possible spam out as many #ff posts as they possibly can. Some people do 10-15 posts crammed with

#ff @bloke1 @bloke2 @bloke3 @bloke4 @bloke5 @bloke6 @bloke7 @bloke8 @bloke9 @bloke10 @bloke11 @bloke12 @bloke13 @bloke14 @bloke15
 Friday evenings, I have to sit and go through all the new random issue twitterers that are following me after seeing my username spammed around. Saturday morning when I wake up, I have a dozen @ mentions from spambots for the same reason.

Still on Twitter - honestly, the number of followers you have doesn't correlate into anything. Every now and then if someone I like is trying to get more followers, I will retweet their post to see if any of my followers want to join in with them. When you ask over and over, I will just unfollow you.

The same applies if you constantly plug the same post on your blog over and over. And if you retweet a celebrity tweet over and over, you can get lost too. If I was interested in what that celeb had to say, I'd follow him/her/it. I'm aware that the person exists, I don't, however, give a monkeys.

Even generic people stuff is bugging me...

Women: If you're going to pose for a picture, and decide to pout your lips forward, please be advised you look like you've been eating lead and deserve to have your lips surgically removed. You look like a knob. Please stop with the duck face.

Advice: If you ask people for advice, ask people how something should be done, and people tell you what you're doing wrong, please don't then disregard that advice and go in completely the opposite direction. I've seen people spend ages write out posts and messages to others that have "needed" help, formed correctly and laid out clearly & concisely, only for the other person to do the very exact opposite.

Shoppers: You are really outdoing yourself this year. I don't like shopping at the best of times, but the amount of people that are barging through, bumping with trolleys, squeezing their mobility scooters through obviously-too-small gaps, snatching things from in front of others, pushing and shoving to get to the checkout first... And this isn't even the Christmas chaos yet. And it's not even just the big shops - even my little corner shop seems to have two or three of these twats in on a regular basis.

Yes, I am sure some of you will decide I have my knickers in a twist, that I am stropping for no reason, that there are bigger, more important things going on in the world. Yes, I do. No, I'm not. Yes, there are. I am quite certain that some of you will believe that I am talking to you personally. No, I'm not, I've just got the cranky-pants going on and am not thinking of any individuals. Not that that will stop you from messaging me asking "Did you mean me?"

No, I didn't.

Anyways, if you made it this far, well done. Just don't moan about the content of this post after I've told you what it's about. 

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