Strange Ukrainians...

As mentioned earlier this week, I enjoy poking in on my StatCounter every now and then to see what's what, and how the crazy freaks of the world are coming to my little corner of the world. I am pretty sure it counts as some form of addiction** and while I don't get anything out of it, except maybe the occasional chuckle, I check it every few days

So this morning I plonk myself on the sofa and log into StatCounter and the first page that loads shows my a graph of the last week of traffic.  I don't get much traffic - anyhting from 10 to 80 hits a day usually, but a lot of people seem to read the posts from elsewhere - Google Reader or Facebook or whatever I think - but the graph is generally pretty steady around those numbers.

Except this morning.

Did it get broked?
Usually, I only see that sort of spike when I post on Bethys birthday or angel day. I checked my blog to make sure I'd not set something inflammatory to post Friday - I hadn't - but thought I should check anyway. I assume it's the same with other platforms, but on Blogger, I can write a post NOW, but set it to post at a certain Date/Time in the future.

But I was innocent. So had to delve deeper. 400+ hits in one day is very strange, but it wasn't even a case of there being new content on here... I started to go through Fridays traffic.

That, my friends, is Saturday midnight, going backwards till midday Friday. See the jump? Between 2000-2100, 0ddness was loaded 384 times. Clearly someone was REALLY interested in reading the blog. That's roughly one pageload every ten seconds. Speed readers, maybe?

Digging deeper into the traffic report, I went to 8pm and started to go through the traffic, but on closer inspection, it was very very clearly some bot/spammer jobbie.

To save you clicking to embiggening, EVERY hit was from the same source, Kiev, Ukraine. All from the "Private Joint Stock Company Datagroup" and every single time, loading the December 2003 archive - which is when this incarnation of 0ddness came into existence.

Yes, I know this is quite boring to a few some most all of you, but I am sure at least one person might maybe find it interesting. Maybe. Just ONE.

**Strangely, as I wrote the word "Addiction" a song came on by Janes Addiction. Spooky!

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One Response to “Strange Ukrainians...”

Adullamite said...

Very interesting! I am sure I have had the Ukraine visiting also. Spam Spam Spam!