How To Sleep

In less than an hour, I should hopefully have new medications to my name that will A) Reduce my Pain Levels, and B) Improve my Sleeping Ability.

Last night - after having a really really really really shit run of not sleeping for who-knows, I opted for a new tactic.  Take-As-Many-Drugs-As-Possible-And-Hope-For-The-Best.

The end result, I am happy to report, didn't end with me being rushed off in the back of an ambulance. Instead, at about half ten after taking two Amytriptyline, three Co-Codamol, and one Sumatriptain - washed down with a mug of warm milk - I felt decidedly groggy. We were watching something on the TV, but I never saw more than 20-30 minutes of it.

The next thing I know, Kellie is sat on the bed in the streaming sunshine, waking me up.  "You've slept ages - do you want to know what time it is?!" she asked with glee in her voice. I figured it'd be late morning, maybe even close to midday, but opted for not knowing.

It took a bit for me to wake up - I felt groggy and tired, but first things first, Mr Bladder needed attention.

I threw on some clothes, shuffled to the loo, shuffled downstairs and retrieved the coffee Kellie had made me.  The microwave smirked at me when it showed me it was 2.15pm.

Not only did I sleep, but I slept around fifteen hours.

I am NOT condoning this tactic to other insomniacs. Far from it - I know that is probably waaay too many medications to take in one hit, but desperate times/desperate measures and all that.

It's now half five. I'm still a bit fuzzy headed, and now my tummy wants it's breakfast, but as I am seeing the doctor in twenty minutes, I am not bothering to do anything else. I am sooo hoping he can prescribe something for pain and to help me sleep. I suspect we'll be moving up into a different band of meds now; lyrica, gabapentin - that sort of thing... But, we will have to wait and see.

Now we'll have to wait and see if I sleep tonight, or if my body believes it's had enough to last a lifetime...

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