Musical Monday #113 - Stay With Me Baby

Over the years, I've never made it a secret that the modern version of "singing" hacks me off. They take someone pretty/attractive, get them to "sing" and then churn it through a bit of computer software, and make them supply track after track and album after album. Shortly thereafter once the money train derails, they retire and the void they leave behind is filled with someone else of similar "talent"

That's not to say I hate all music - my tastes are many and very varied - but the general vibe from the chart is these people can't sing, how are they making money?!

Thankfully, we have music from The Past to keep us sane, and today I woke up with a proper classic bit of music I've not heard for a while, and as a side-note, I should point out: Don't read anything into it, it's just a song I like.

Lorraine Ellison was a PROPER singer. Her voice has a brilliant range, and has proper power behind it. I first heard this track in the film The Boat That Rocked, and loved it then.

After just two hours of sleep, my brain told me this is the song I wanted to hear today, and has been replaying it over and over again.

Lorraine Ellison - Stay With Me Baby

Where did you go when things went wrong baby?
Who did you run to
And find a shoulder to lay your head upon?
Baby wasn't I there?
Didn't I take good care of ou?
No no, I can't believe you're leaving me
Stay with me baby
Please, stay with me baby
Ooh, stay with me baby
I can't go on
Who did you touch when you needed tenderness?

I gave you so much
And in return I found happiness
Baby what did I do
Maybe, maybe I was too good, too good to you
No no, I can't believe you're leaving me
Stay with me baby
Ooh, stay with me baby
Ooh, please stay with me baby
Remember you said you'd always gonna need me

Remember you said you'd never ever leave me
Remember, remember, I'm asking you, begging you, ooh, ooh
Stay with me baby,
Please please stay with me baby
Stay with me baby
I can't go on
Ooh stay with me baby
I'm begging you, stay with me baby
Stay, stay, stay with me baby...

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