It has been noted that my presence has not been felt in various places of late.  And there's a reason for that.

Mostly, I've been off of Facebook. Originally, it was because everyone was crying and sobbing over their news feed changing, and how they were all doing a /RageQuit and taking their toys and going to play with someone else.  And some people DID go and see someone else.  But you know what they did?

They didn't stay... The people that went to Google+ are all still on Facebook. In fact, my Google+ wall/stream/feed thingie is no busier than it was before everyone spat out their dummies.

Funny that.

However, aside from poking my nose on Facebook here and there the last couple of days, I've not missed it. I've not seen something on there and wished I'd seen it earlier. In fact, my Facebook news feed seems to be pictures... Over and over and over, motivational, amusing, rude... But loads and loads of pictures. Mostly, the same ones being shared from different sources.

Oh, and hoax-spam, plenty of that too. Facebook going to start charging? Wow... People still fall for that?! Really?!

Never mind.

I will be back on Facebook, but not yet. See, the problem is, you're not out the woods yet.  Everyone that spat out their dummy because something changed a bit, you've not seen NOTHING yet.  I was looking at the new Facebook Profile stuff earlier, and I tell you what, if you got angry over a redesigned news feed...

Let's just say, you might want to start stocking up on the sedatives NOW.

And the funniest thing is, that's not the last change - there are other things happening on there this year. And probably every year till it shuts down, because change keeps things fresh.

Anyway. I AM alive, I AM fine and dandy and aside from just being busy, everything is OK. I just can't handle a hundred people posting rage on Facebook for days at a time over something that is A) Free, B) Not a necessity and C) COMPLETELY out of your control.

The work front is a little stalled at the moment - still waiting on a course to open up for me to sign up for with the evening slot available. Just a case of checking each day and hoping for the best. Still nervous and still excited but it's all good!

Now if you will excuse me, it's nearly 8pm, I'm a hungry boy and need to figure out if dinner is being cooked by me, or elsewhere and delivered... *ahem*

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3 Responses to “MIA”

Posh Totty said...

Do you feel better now you have got that off your chest?

Dan said...

1) You should have seen the original post...
2) You should read back a couple of weeks when everyone first kicked off ;)

Jampot said...

Oh yeah S'Odders!

I'm beginning to find my way around Google+ because sometimes I want a grown up conversation away from what's on Jeremy Vile, not to mention childish cut and paste declarations etcetera etcetera etceteraaargh!

Had a shit few weeks and my family always smell crap and as they are known to be addicted to cleaning up other's acts save them having to clean up their own...Avoiding FB? Damn right I am

Anyhoo can't hang around your blog all day. Got a *Job* lot of Ikea pencils to shove up their top exec's arse. The Rain Forest strikes back!