You Are Feeling Sleepy...

Ok, that's pretty much a given at this point... Especially considering its 0347 on a Monday morning as I write this. The highlights of my night thus far has been a sleepy Tam bumping into things heading to the loo for a wee, and Gimli (the kitten, not the dwarf) sat outside our bedroom door moaning for attention.

Which he got, as it was something to do for ten minutes.

There's a very good chance that you're actually reading this at a respectable time if the day, but rest assured it is very late/early, my alarm will be screaming in a little under three hours, and I have all four kids home tomorrow thanks to half term.

Why am I still awake? I have NO effing idea. I'm hurting quite a lot (ie, shit loads); another busy few days is making my body scream every which way. I'm exhausted too, completely out of energy. If the house spontaneously combusted at this point, I'd call the Fire Brigade and let them drag me out by the hair.

It goes without saying ny pain killers are doing precisely NOTHING at this point.

Oh, and I had a pee about half an hour ago too. Upon returning to the bedroom, Kellie had taken that 40 second window to roll into the centre of the bed, bundle the ENTIRE duvet into a Dan-shaped lump, and spread herself across the entire viable sleeping surface.

I tried to slide in beside Duvet Dan, but it wasn't happening. I considered pouring water over the pair of them, but instead opted to disturb her just enough to move her backside back to HER side if the bed.

On the bright side, tomorrow (Tuesday tomorrow, not Monday tomorrow) I've got a doctor appointment for a medication review. Bring on the pain killers that, ya know, KILL. PAIN.

Next week, the clocks change back to standard GMT for daylight savings, and everyone mentions this is "the good one" BUT as I tried to explain, being a stupid Insomniac, there is no "good one" as they are, in fact, both shit.

Clocks Forward: Two AM becomes Three AM. You lose an hour. That's an hour of sleep I won't be able to catch up on, especially if I'm only getting two hours of sleep.

Clocks Back: Two AM goes back to One AM. That means I have to lay in bed trying to sleep for ANOTHER hour, tossing and turning and trying - and failing - to ignore the clock.

So, when you rub your hands in glee as October means "the good clock change" keep one thing in mind...

Us insomniacs have all the time we need to sit in the quiet and plot, not to mention execute, our sinister revenge...

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