Musical Monday #116 - Thunderstruck

Saturday night - as alluded to via Twitter & Facebook - we went out for the evening. A night of food, booze and music - accompanied by mental people, as usual.

THAT, however, is a separate blog post that will appear later (when I've finished it, that is!). This post, however, is very very tenuously linked to Saturday. See, after getting to Southend, then eating our meal, then going to the bar, then seeing a band, THEN going BACK to the bar - I heard this song while we all sat outside drinking various alcoholic beverages. I used the sentence "GoingToGetDrinksBackInAMin!" as an excuse to go in and listen to the song.

I love me some proper rock, and AC/DC - Thunderstuck is just that. I love this song - apparently, enough to run off and "buy drinks" when a little tipsy. So to my friends and, of course, my poor, suffering fiancee, I apologise - and dedicate todays Musical Monday to the three of you.

Now shush, I'm rocking out!

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