I have been - on occasion - been referred to as a Geek or a Nerd, but I have to say, at no point in my life have I A) Taken it as an insult, or, B) Denied it. I AM a Geek, and I AM a Nerd - a bit fat one on both accounts. I like looking at the internal gubbins of computers, I laugh at technical-related jokes, I come out with things that I consider to be both interesting and amusing, but others around me tend to scratch their heads and wonder what the buggery Dan is on about now...

For a while now, people have been on and on at me to watch a TV Show called The Big Bang Theory, but for whatever reasons, I've either resisted watching it, or plain forgotten to see it. Because I'm smart like that. Last week, I managed to get my hands on the first few seasons, so one evening, we put it on and snuggled down to watch it.

Oh my goodness how we laughed. Granted, some of the science is so far out there it means nothing to most people, but most of the geeky stuff I - and, in fact, WE - have been chuckling away at. Kellies foray into super-hero movies and having me prattle on about random crap has educated her into the Way of the Geek.

Where we've been watching it on the PS3, something about the opening credits combined with the Playstation brains causes some strange jumping/stuttering effect... The credits are a series of pictures flashing on the screen portraying a journey through evolution, invention and history to the modern day. With the image jumping, it occasionally froze for a few moments on different pictures, and got me thinking...

What IS in that intro.

So yesterday, after I pottered around the house and did stuff, I loaded it up on my laptop, and started the intro off... And went through it frame by frame, taking a screenshot of each image, saving it, and moving on to the next.

It only took about an hour, but upon completion, I had all 111 images saved! The intro is only about 20 seconds long, and each image flashes up on screen for anything from 1 frame to 3 frames.

Yes, it occurred to me that I was sad and geeky and a nerd. Yes, it also occurred to me that I could probably find the sequence in slow motion online somewhere. But I wanted to do it myself.

So, after poking around with Picasa, I've manage to put all the images into a video - somehow - and posted it to YouTube. I didn't bother with music or anything fancy, but it was that, or attempt to add 111 pictures to a single blogpost. So, here are all the pictures to the opening sequence to The Big Bang Theory!

You MAY have to click it to make it bigger (ie, go to the YouTube site) but otherwise, I admit it is very boring, unless you want to know what's in that intro - in which case, there you are!

For the sake of consistency, and for those that don't have a CLUE what I am prattling on about, here is the original intro for you:

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