Musical Monday #118 - The Beautiful People

One of the many signs of the impending Apocalypse has to be Cover Versions and Remixes. Songs from my youth being taken, bent over a barrel, taken inappropriately by a new "arist" and re-releasing it as their own work.

They are all at it, and so many tracks you hear now that the Youth go nuts over, turn out to be songs from Way Back When.

Songs from Way Back When being bent over the afore-mentioned barrel.

So, imagine my surprise-quickly-becoming-horror when, last night, Kellie and myself were snuggled down on the sofa watching a movie - Burlesque - when a bit of music came on that I love. "Oooh, I love this!" I exclaimed as the guitar/drum went on.

Imagine, then, my horror as the barrel was rolled out, the song was bent over it, and, well... You know the rest.  There wasn't even any lube.

I happen to LOVE Marylin Manson - The Beautiful People. It's a brilliant song, especially cranked up loud. I often rock out to it (that is, I listen to it and may or may not tap my head in time to the beat), so imagine my surprise to hear in the movie that Christina Aguilera is the one with the barrel.

The humanity.

It is all I can do to not ram chopsticks into my ears and ride sideways into a wall. Twice.

Please be aware, I am sharing this song NOT because I like it, not because I love her style, but because I loathe its very existence.

To balance all in the universe once more, here is the PROPER version of the song by Marylin Manson, which is a bit of a freaky video, so skip it if you're a girl.

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