One Time Only

One Pair of Legs (Used)
You are bidding on a pair of legs. But wait! These aren't just any legs!
Designed for a large frame, these legs once belonged to a man that stood around 6ft 3in tall. Known for being a tight bastard, he walked everywhere, and even cycled even longer distance on a regular basis.
Due to a fault with them, the only option is to sell them to someone in greater need.

Please Note: The seller cannot be held responsible for constant pain, deep-rooted aches, shooting pains, cramps or any other undesirable side-effect of using these legs. Some days, they may not function at all, and only provide a minimal service. Weight restrictions may apply.

There is a No Returns policy. Once you have confirmed your purchase, they are your property and may not be returned for any reason. These legs are FAULTY, and have a very high mileage on them

As a special offer, also included for Parts Only is one very used spine. The nerves work, though not as intended due to years of abuse at the hands of degeneration. While they are working, the quality of the signal cannot be guaranteed.

Please also note - several parts of this spine are MISSING and can only be repaired by a professional. As with the legs, there is a No Returns policy. This is a free gift, received upon completion of the Legs transaction.

May you have as many interesting adventures with these items as the previous owner.

Serious bidders only. Will not ship over-seas.

Sale may contain traces of sarcasm due to pain and drugs..

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