Musical Monday #120 - I Like The Way You Move

For a change, I am posting a song that has been in my head for ages. No I know, it's not for a change, nor shocking. Nor is it a recent song. In addition, in London a few weeks back, we saw a group dancing to this song on stage. Every time I hear it I think "I REALLY need to do this for Musical Monday" and then, nanoseconds later, it's gone.

Mainly, I wanted to post it, because it's one of those songs I listen to and it makes me think of our Madam Kellie. A list of random things about someone that the singer likes. Very apt ;)

It's not a recent song either - Mr Wikipedia believes 2005, which may not seem that long ago, but honestly, it was.

For your enjoyment, The Bodyrockers - I Like The Way You Move

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