Happy Birthday "Little" Man

For those of you keeping track, you will be aware that today, my little boy becomes a teenager.

In several aspects, that is quite a scary thing. For starters, my first-born is now a teenager. That makes me realise I am getting old (the fact I don't give a crap how old I am, however, outweighs this). Secondly, it occurs to me it is only five more years until he is an "adult". Lastly, I occasionally wonder how he made it to such a ripe old age without being thrown out of a window.

If you think I'm being harsh, those of you with kids 13 or older, look at them and honestly tell yourself that at no point you've ever wondered how they can be some dim!

But I digress.

I can honestly say, the little sod has been through a fair bit in his life. But, like most kids, his resilience in a time of need has held him upright and seen him through it. Sometimes he can be smart, witty, funny and clever. Other times, however, I wonder how his teachers haven't just sent him home from school.

But in the long run, he is an amazing little boy, and here in Chez 0ddness, we all love him to bits.

My little boy, my Boogle, my Jaysen...

Happy 13th Birthday little man. I know that you're now of an age where you pop onto the blog and read my posts, so maybe you knew about the birthday letters I write you. Maybe you didn't, but now you do.

I can't believe you're a teenager already. It doesn't seem so long ago that you were this little wiggly thing that liked to sleep on my chest, that poo'd, pee'd and puked all over me on your first day on Earth. 

Your adult life is not so far away now, but of everything I've ever taught you, everything I've ever said to you, I hope the main thing that sticks in your life is to HAVE FUN. Smile. Enjoy yourself. Laugh. Don't become an adult and become a boring adult. Where's the fun in that? There are plenty of boring adults in the world already - we don't need another one.

I know I can be hard on you, I know sometimes you think I am being unfair, but I also hope you know how much I love you, and how happy I am you've grown up into a smart (ish) boy with so much potential - even if sometimes your potential for being a plank overtakes the other...

Remember that I love you very much and I always will. As long as you always do your best, are happy, friendly and polite, then you will do wonderful, amazing things.

Happy birthday, Jaysen. I will always be here for you, writing you letters on the internet, embarrassing you and sharing silly laughs together.

All my love,
And if that wasn't embarrassing enough for you, here are some of my favourite pictures of you from over the years...

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One Response to “Happy Birthday "Little" Man”

The Sween! said...

When I was a teenager, my mum used to tell me "Be good. if you can't be good, be careful. If you can't be careful, buy a pram!"

May be relevant since we are in Bas! lol

BTW, happy belated birthday Jaysen!