The Things She Says #13

The scene... I'm flopped in bed after a really manic week. I'm in a  "considerable" amount of pain, so much pain and so little energy, in fact, that I've been awake four hours, and still haven't mustered the energy to have my first piss of the day. Talking is a mission, and I am tripping over words and slurring like I've had several too many...


Kellie has been up for a while, but I don't thinks she's quite firing on all cylinders.

Kellie: I must put some shelves up today.
Me: Okey Dokey, I'll be up and about in a bit.
Kellie: I found the corner shelves yesterday too.
Me: Cool, where were they?
Kellie: In the corner... (wait, this isn't the punchline!)
Me: *chuckle*
Kellie: I'll put them up in a corner...
Me: *laughing* So you're going to put corner shelves - that you found in the corner - up in the corner?
Kellie: F$ck off...
Me: Where else were you going to put them up anyway?!
Also bare in mind, laughing with a full bladder is NOT easy...

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