An Ickle Round-Up

You may notice that 0ddness has been a bit quiet the last few days, and I have a very good reason. Well, a few good reasons. However, only one springs to mind with any real... Oomph.

I have got a terminal case of the Can't Be Arsed's. Not just with blogging (no, I'm not giving it up!) but in general, I just can't be arsed. It feels like so much has gone on in the last week - well, not even week - but this last week has been hard for some reason.

I suppose the main reason is the time of the year. Bethanys birthday is always rough, and this one deflated me a fair bit. I was a big boy, though. I didn't wallow, I didn't sulk, there were minimal tears, I kept busy and occupied and had Kellie holding my hand watching over me despite her being poorly...

The second reason is my sleeping routines. While I can categorically state it IS working, I am still on restricted sleeping hours. The time I am spending in bed is 95% sleep, 3% going TO sleep, and 2% getting up FROM sleep.

However, my body clearly realises now that it CAN sleep, so is doing everything it can to make me sleep.

On top of this, I have a rant about a news item (stupid bloody ship captain), I have a PROPER rant about thieving shitty burglars (not us, but someone close, and yes, I have permission to blog it), as well as a Musical Monday to catch up on.

Oh, and I should mention that while you cannot see it, two things are currently happening as I write this. Firstly, my body is trying to sleep, so my head is jerking too and fro and my eyes keep closing. Secondly, my hands aren't so much "typing" as they are "smooshing" the keyboard, which means despite the fact I am fixing them, there may well be some interesting typos or diabolical grammar.

So apologies for that...

Anyways, blog posts are in the pipeline, so bare with it.

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