Musical Monday #124 - Brand New Day

As seems to be a regular occurrence on 0ddness, my Musical Monday post for today is both a song I've woken up playing in my head, AND it's from a TV program. The theme music, in fact.

One program we love, but haven't watched properly in ages, is Lie to Me. Tim Roth (who is a bloody brilliant actor) plays a scientist that perfectly understands micro-facial expressions and body language. He knows your mood, if you're lying - the whole shebang.

If you've not seen it, watch it - especially just for the real-world examples we'd all have seen on the news...

But I digress. The theme music is a song I love and obtained after watching the show a few times, but today when I woke up, it was the song playing in my head.

So, fairs fair, I thought I'd share! Ryan Star - Lie to Me:

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