Sleepy Time #13

So, last night was the big event of "adding one hour to the amount of time I can stay in bed" which meant I got to go to bed at 1am and not 2am.  Yesterday I was very tired all day, and in the evening while we were chilling out, Kellie (as usual) had to keep nudging me and getting me to wake up properly.

I got her to bed not much after eleven, and once I came back down, I tidied up a little bit, then sat at a funny angle in order to prevent me dozing off. I was going to put on a film, but I just didn't have the energy, so sodded around on the web for a while.

Not long before one - and with my head lolling around on my neck - I headed up and fell into bed. Literally - I'm not sure what happened, but I managed to stagger over the bed and onto Kellies leg. It woke her up a bit, but I don't know if she'll remember it.

It took a while to drift off again. I think the sudden shock of falling and waking Kellie jolted me back into wakefulness once again, but it was less than an hour or so.

For whatever reason, my body woke me up, not the alarm clock. I don't know if I was in pain (my legs and feet were screaming), or if I had heard a knob-head cat charging around, but I woke up. I resisted the temptation to check the time, but had to know. I'm not allowed to spend more than thirty minutes trying to sleep, so had to get a baseline of the time now, and then work out when I had to quit.

It was 0501. If I fell asleep NOW, I could get another hour. My head was mushy and fuzzy and my legs were hurting and my hands were sore... So I laid there, eyes closed, breathing slowly, thinking about everything BUT sleep. I didn't keep looking at the clock, I didn't lay there stressing about "How long left now" or "I've got 49 minutes and 22 seconds till I have to get up"

But it was no good. At half five I rolled out of bed and hobbled out the bedroom, clutching my clothes like I was doing the walk of shame.

Now, at half nine, I am sat in the armchair, sun streaming across my face, but my body is trying to shut down. Painkillers haven't done much of anything, my morning coffee is just making me belch, and the light is not waking me up. Quite the opposite - as I type this, I keep nodding off or pressing random buttons with my eyes closed.

Very surreal.

I am hoping that my body is just rebelling against the shift of time going to bed. I am hoping that it isn't sure what to do with that extra hour - it's odd that it woke me pretty much after as close to four hours in bed as you can get. I hope after another night or two of 1-6, it will let me sleep for the whole five hours. I need sleep. I need to sleep. I'm still seeing bugs, I'm still not with it at all, my reactions are farked and I keep getting confused... Case in point - Kellie got a replacement PS3 controlled delivered this morning after her old one was on the receiving end of Yours Truly and Butterfingers. Do you think I could work out HOW to put the USB plug in? Completely escaped me. And just now, moving some pictures to my desktop to post - I couldn't remember how to access My Documents folder in Windows.

I can't see this ending well!

The comedic part of all this, is later on we're going out, and I have to be SOCIAL! And even better, I'm going near a railway line!

If after today, 0ddness goes silent, assume either A) I snapped and attacked Kellie, who promptly beat the crap out of me. B) I fell asleep and will be out for 100 years until Prince Princess Charming comes visit. Or C) I fell asleep as the train arrived and am now spread between Benfleet and Basildon.

Place yer bets...

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