Sleepy Time #6

Sitting in Costa Coffee at the moment so only a short one. To reiterate my Twitter/Status earlier, I feel like hell. I am exhausted.

Yesterday was rough and very hard, ans I kept having to do stuff, and if I.didn't, Kellie had to poke me awake. I was washing up just after midnight on an effort to stay awake.

I'm tired and miserable and in a metric fuck-ton of pain BUT I need to push through it. I need to get over it.

Last night, I went up to bed for 2am, and it took a while to get to sleep. Once I was asleep, I didn't wake up till the stupid shitting cats decided to start World War Three on the stairs. I jolted awake and checked the time...


And I couldn't get back to sleep, so I was awake when the alarm went off.

I prolly would have slept till the alarm, but tomorrow night, I'm adding an hour, and will go up at 1am, not 2am.

Assuming I keep sleeping, next week I'll add another.

I can feel myself grinding to a halt, it hurts to do anything, I can't think straight and I've no concept of time.

And with Sunday looming, I've got a little pit of dream in my tummy.

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One Response to “Sleepy Time #6”

Adullamite said...

Tough maybe but it appears to have an effect.