Thieving Scum

As I alluded to in the beginning of this post, there are some shitty bloody people in the world. However, at the time of writing, I did not have permission from both parties involved to blog it, so in a properly Grown Up Dan moment, I held off post.

I now have that permission.

On the night of Thursday 12th and the early hours of Friday 13th January, our friends Kerry & James were burgled. People broke into their home, and took their stuff.

While they, three kids, and a baby all slept upstairs.

Now, despite the fact I am being very calm and collected on here, I am very pissed off with this situation. First off, the fact that two of our very best friends have had to rearrange their lives because of the selfish acts of others is bad enough. The upside is, they got the bastards. How did they know who it was?

Turns out it was the 15 year old kid who lives directly opposite them. And, I should add, it's not like here, where there's a road in between. This is a little square of houses.

I don't know the full and exact details, and despite them telling me what happened, I am going from sleep-addled memory from this point onwards.

After Kerry & James turned in for the night, the little shit broke in. I don't know the details as to HOW he managed it, but he did - and apparently, may have had one or two others with him. Knowing that they were asleep upstairs, he kept his sticky little fingers to the stuff DOWNSTAIRS, and grabbed a laptop, a DSi, a very expensive camera, Kerrys handbag - which had purse, money, phone and stuff inside...

Then, he decided to take the car keys.

With his armload of stuff, he left the house and probably dumped it at his own home twenty feet away, and got in the car. A people carrier, we've all affectionately referred to as the Fun Bus since forever. And he proceeded to go for a joyride.

Off Canvey Island, down the A13, where he pulled into Tescos at Pitsea, spent money (I don't know if it was their money or his own...) and put £20 of petrol in the car, only to drive it BACK to Canvey, and then decided in their idiot bloody wisdom, to try and squeeze the very large Fun Bus between two metal barriers and take it off road.

They hit it with such force, the bus lifted and wedged into place. And there it stuck.  So next plan?

Well obviously they headed back to Kerry & James' home and took the other set of keys. This time, they wanted James work van which had asbestos-analysing equipment in the back. Around the island, off the island, to Tesco again, fill it up again, then go back and around the island.

You really have to wonder at how smart this idiot really was. Having got the bus stuck in a metal gate, they decided they STILL wanted to go off-road, so headed for the recreational grounds. In order to stop people pitching caravans illegally on these grounds, there is a heavy earthworks all around them. They decided to try driving OVER said-earthworks.

Now, these are designed to prevent vehicles getting onto the fields, and they work. The numpty managed to grind the bottom of the van into the ground and for the second time in one night with SOMEONE ELSES PROPERTY managed to wedge the van into a position where it was stuck.

And here's a strange twist... Elsewhere on Canvey, James' mum was stirring. She is an early riser, and is out at the butt-crack of dawn walking the dogs with a friend. So, wandering through the silent Canvey, she was surprised to hear music blaring ahead. Upon investigation, she found a green people carrier, lights on, doors open, music blaring - wedged in some metal gates at a strange angle.  Now, like any person finding such a thing, she called the police and reported a car stolen, giving the number plate and description.

Later that morning, James has called his mum to let her know what had happened. Eventually, the lightbulb came on, and she told James about the Fun Bus.

The final joke? The car number plate is her own sons initials, being that it's a personalised plate!


So, back to the narrative...

James & Kerry have since had a new front door, a complete burglar alarm, a door open/closed signal sound, and have replaced the Fun Bus. However, the items stolen are gone. Rumour has it James Xmas present - a very nice digital camera worth a LOT of money - was sold on for £40.

Now it's time to deal with the obvious parts. For one, having someone in your house, going through your stuff - especially while you're asleep upstairs - is hard to deal with. The fact they've taken your things and things belonging to the kids is just wrong. Equally bad if not worse, is that fact the little scrote responsible is a neighbour - someone they see every day. Kerrys eldest used to play with the kid responsible - and 15 IS a kid.

The police, despite knowing who it was, took their time making any arrests, and I can only imagine they were collecting information and evidence to present when they did finally pull him off the streets. Which means that Saturday night when we were over there, the little shit was sat in the living room of the house opposite.

It did seem strange and unfair, but as far as I know, he HAS since been arrested. I don't know what punishment he will get but according to a source, this kid has a loooong list of crimes which means hopefully this is the one that will get him plonked away somewhere for a while.

You have to wonder at both the mentality and audacity of this knob head. Audacity, because he's shitting where he lives, but mentality - he KNOWS James is a nationally rated kick boxer. Had James stumbled downstairs for a drink, I know for a fact that the little snot would be little more than a pile of actual snot.

And with the law over here now changed so that beating the shit out of - and even killing - home intruders isn't instantly punished with jail, the kid seriously needs to be locked up.

And yes, I am angry too.

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3 Responses to “Thieving Scum”

Adullamite said...

Beat the shit out of him - in love!
That is all that will deter him.

GreenCastle said...

Cheers Dan.... :o) I will get round to posting something about it, when I have calmed down enough lol...

Apparently court date is the 7th of February and all involved took guilty pleas.

Posh Totty said...

Little shits!! Sending my love to Kerry and James and hope that justice will be done.