Bloody Clock Changes...

Every year, it's the same thing. The clocks go forward, last Sunday of March. And every year, I think "I bloody hate this" and then there's the news story that always pops up, about how THIS is the year we will keep the sodding clocks where they are.

And then the article rants on about farmers working in the dark, and school kids in the northern reaches having to travel in the dark, and all the rest of it. And the article ends with various MPs saying "We will get it DONE!" and then, every year, October rolls around, and back go the clocks.

Everyone says "Oooh March is the bad one, you LOSE an hour!" or "I love the October one, extra hour in bed!" but for an insomniac (or a recovering one at that!) those extras and losses mean nothing... In March, it's an hour lost TRYING to sleep, and October, it's an extra hour of ATTEMPTING sleep.

Of course, with my sleeping pattern reboot STILL ongoing, this clock change was even more of a bitch. I went to bed at Midnight, the clock jumped forwards, my alarm - on my phone which automatically fixes the time - goes off at 6am. Which, according to my brain is FIVE in the morning, and I just want to sleep.

Grouchy, away!

I get the changes, I understand them, but every year I cannot stand them. Every year, March especially, the day after just flies by, then I struggle with sleep, then I struggle to get up, and on and on... The ONLY times I was ever late for work was on clock-change days.

Not counting car-stuck-and-abandoned-in-snow hilarity. *ahem*

So thanks to the clock change, Jaysen & Tamsyn didn't get back to their mum till later, I didn't get home till later, Dom & Molly didn't get their dinner till later, they went to bed later, we had our dinner later...

And now, when I get up, my brain is not happy as it's still 5am in the grey matter.

Let's change the clocks and leave them be. Please. Just for me? Pretty please?

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One Response to “Bloody Clock Changes...”

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Yes, it happens to us all, and I hope you survived the clock change again. Ha ha ha. Nice post.