For the last couple of hours, I have been sodding around with 0ddness. You may have noticed, if you've logged on here at any point and seen random blog widgets smeared across places they shouldn't be.

As usual, I've not done the template myself, instead finding one on the internet somewhere. I don't know enough coding to be able to do it myself, and because I can never describe what I want nor how I want it, I have to make do with the offerings others have created.

The one I used earlier WAS nice, but the more I looked at it, the more plain, bland and boring it seemed. Not to say this one is exciting, but it's neat, it's smart, it's tidy...

I can't do busy templates, after all. If it looks cluttered, I can't deal with it - and while I am not the one that is sitting here reading it, it still annoys me.

The current one, however, I DO like as it is all lined up neatly and tidily. The previous long-term one (the black with the squiggly blue lines) was nice, but it had a few errors that I couldn't live with any more - a line out of place, and the columns not lining up properly.

Search for OCD on here and you'll understand ;)

A few things have changed, not greatly, but enough. All the "Find" and the "Subscribe" sections have been merged, and to add to the pretty, I've got each services' icon at the same size. Yes, there are two Facebook Icons - one is for ME and one is for 0DDNESS directly. Also on there is email, twitter, tumbler, and an RSS feed. The search box is also relocated up the top. I've removed a load of Blog-Catalog type badges as the traffic they steered my way was - at best - limited.

Who knows, one day someone may well stumble upon my blog and offer me thousands of pounds to write for them in some form, but I am not holding my breath.

As before, all feed back is appreciated, and any mistakes you can see, point out please! Now, I have to go to bed - I am exhausted, sore, grumpy and need sleep - but have had a few rough nights so am up later than usual to try kick things a little into place.

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3 Responses to “Finished!”

Adullamite said...

My eyes! My eyes!

Stuart Wilson said...

I like it :)

Kim said...

I like it, nice and simple and doesn't hurt my eyes lol