Musical Monday #134 - Ever Fallen In Love

I was born in 1976, which means any of the Punk or Ska music I know, I know through hearing it second-hand as it were. A lot of the music of the early 80s is a bit beyond me too, but I don't think I am missing much there...

This morning, however, Mr Brain decided that I would be listening to a punk song from (apparently) 1978. Not too shabby. Clearly I heard it on the radio while I was chewing on my toys covered in lead-based paint or something.

There's not a huge amount of 70s music that I can think "Oooh wow" but todays track is one that I DO enjoy. Quite why it's in my head is beyond me - the last time I heard it, it was a cover in one of the Shrek movies.

Go Figure.

The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love

And as an added bonus - Musical Monday #134b, I decided to attach the aforementioned Shrek 2 version. As it happens, I actually love this bloke already; I did one of his songs back for Musical Monday #125!

Pete Yorn - Ever Fallen In Love

So, tough one - which do you prefer?

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One Response to “Musical Monday #134 - Ever Fallen In Love”

Lesley said...

No contest for me Buzzcocks every time. I was punk back in the late 70's early 80's and Buzzcocks ruled my world lol. The shrek version is good tho.