I am a man of Science. What goes up usually comes down, light travels at a certain speed, this chemical plus that chemical usually results in a loss of eyebrows, and gravity makes things go downwards.

Yes, there are probably those of you in the audience that are wiggling your glasses, hurrump'ing loudly, and are about to start a sentence with the word "Aaaaactually......"

However, when it comes to the good ol' United Kingdom, we are generally confused and bemused by the weather. "SNOW? In the dead of winter?! How surprising!" or "Goodness, isn't the sun hot during the HEIGHT of summer!"

But that is not the point of this post. No, this is due to someone posting an amusing picture on my Facebook wall.

You see, I am childish and purile. We all saw the incident with the pair-of-onions-and-a-courgette, and how much I cackled at the surname Wankum yesterday. Well, if phallic imagery makes you giggle, check this:

hehehehe penis...
Sue put it on my wall with the following information:
Given what amused you yesterday, I came across this photo of an icicle which appeared magically overnight in our bird bath during the last really cold spell we had. House brick gives the scale and there are no overhanging branches which may have made it grow stalagmite style.
So, given that it was formed simply by the sheer amount of cold, nothing was dripping down on it and it's a good, what? Four inches at least (*snigger*) can any of you suggest HOW it formed? Especially, the knobbly bit on the end tickles me...

Come on Junior Scientists - how does ice grow UPWARDS, against gravity?!

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