Conspiracy Theories

I do love a good conspiracy theory. Not because I think there is some nefarious, underhanded thing going on in every event in the world, but because the different viewpoint on something - even if it's been explained - fascinates me. Bending facts from one thing into something completely different amuses me.

Whether it's the Moon Landings, Roswell, the 9/11 Attacks or the Assassination of JFK.. The alternative theories of them are interesting to read. Here's the evidence, bent to how we want it to sound.

However, every now and then, I see something in the news, or on a documentary or whatever, and think "I wonder if there is more to this than people are letting on" and recently, it has been the preparations for the Olympics...

See, the military and the police have been doing all sorts of very very interesting things in the name of "security" but constantly stating like a broken record "There is no threat"

However, when you see that the SAS are patrolling the Thames, that there are fighter jets in the air patrolling the south east of England (and, a certain person, I would like to point out we are having regular jet-fighter-fly-overs here thank you!), and this week, they plonked a f$cking great AIRCRAFT CARRIER in the middle of London.

Oh yes, and I mustn't forget the Surface-to-Air MISSILES being placed at "strategic locations" around the City. And by "strategic" I mean "On the roof of various blocks of flats and apartments, where people actually LIVE"

I get that in this day and age, people have been spooked into thinking "TERROR THREATS!" are a license to do anything the governments want, but seriously, Aircraft Carriers and sodding Missile Batteries?

"We want to reassure people there is no specific threat..." is the standard line, but honestly, we seem to have a militarised city just 25 miles from my front door, all because some fit people are going to be running and jumping and stuff

And all this in the same week that the various Super Secret Agencies announce that Al Queda (or however you spell it, I'm not checking) is no longer a threat due to the fact they've pretty much blown all the leaders away.

*Off Topic Slightly*

And let's also NOT forget, this is the Government that - despite it's promises and everything else - have spent waaaaay too much money on setting this bloody games up, and now a stupid sum on defence for "No specific threat" despite - despite - the fact that this is a time of "Austerity" and belt-tightening and "Sorry-the-country-is-out-of-money-so-you-poor-people-are-going-to-get-pissed-on" yet they can find X Billion quid to throw at sport, and X tens or hundreds of million to throw at defending against "No specific threat" and oh, if you're Europe or a country that can't look after itself, here's another few billion that I told the country we don't have - and could rebuild the NHS entirely - but here, YOU have it...


So how about it? Do we think - despite what they are officially saying - that some group or another has made some sort of threat, and they are taking it seriously? And let's be honest, it's looking like it's going to be a threat from the air... Fighter Jets, Aircraft Carriers, Surface to Air missiles...

Let the conspiracies run wild...

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One Response to “Conspiracy Theories”

Adullamite said...

PR stunt from Cameron. he copies his idol Blair and Blair sent tanks to Heathrow for show one time. The police/special branch/MI6 all know where the real threat is coming from - one individual with a bomb tied to him - but Cameron likes show, and the military use this as an exercise and have a laugh.
The cost? Tsk! Eton boy doesn't care, show, PR is all that matters. I suppose foreign johnnys need to be reassured all is in control, but nobody can stop a determined individual and I am sure one might have a go.