A La Diet

Well, I made it through the first week of the diet. Not that I was under any illusions as to doing so or not anyway... It's the same diet I did last time, I lost weight last time, I'm doing it correctly, so statistically, I can't not lose weight on it.

Last night was our first weigh in - and remember, last time, it was just me on my lonesome going to the groups. Kellie was doing it at home, and that was it - just the two of us. This time around, however, it is Kellie & Me, plus Kerry & James coming along as well. So I don't have to be quite so lonesome in the meetings.

The girls were pooping proverbial bricks, and all week James has been saying how he can't see how it can work and so on and so forth. Me, I was fine, I knew I'd lose weight.

So, we all got on the scales (one at a time, obviously) and low and behold - we all lost weight. Kellie lost 6lb, I lost 7.5lb, Kerry lost 4lb and James... Well, James the "I Don't See How It Can Possibly Work" man lost a massive 17.5lb.

In a week.

Now don't get me wrong, I KNEW he'd lose weight, and he's been keeping track on his blog of what he's been eating, and I KNEW the first week loss is always a good one, but 17lb?! I was thinking he'd do nine, maybe ten pounds, and I was ready with my "Told You So" banner, but with a seventeen pound loss, I forgot to unfurl it.

If ever you wanted proof that the Slimming World diet works, there you have it.

You also have to consider, Kellie, Kerry and James all work most of the week... Kellie and Kerry in the office, James out and about doing lots of driving. They don't get to do as much walking as I do.

ALSO consider that Day One of the diet, while me and James were chowing down on crackerbreads and extra light cheese, the girls were at the casino, drinking the bar dry, eating proper food and not using the "D" word whatsoever.

All in all, I am chuffed for the lot of us. I think with the others coming along I will do better this time around, plus if one of us decides they've had enough of it, there are three others to mock and pressure them back into it.

I kid, I kid. *ahem*

Here's to being skinny and losing all our weight! And thanks to everyone that has been cheering me and us on via Facebook & Twitter :D

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