Who To Trust

OK OK, let's be clear. Ready: I do not do politics. I do not understand the intricate games. I do not understand exactly how parliament works. I do not have any preference for parties or leaders. I do not get being Left or Right.

But with that said: Today is Polling Day for the local elections, and once again, I am at a complete loss.

In the last few years - say, 5-10 years - politics have always been in the news. The Government passes a law, the People hate the law. The Government votes to do something, the People at that something. One government is full of sleazebags, the next government promises to stomp out the sleaze... And is eventually swamped with sleaze.

I've always taken a sideline to politics. I certainly don't discuss them on here because they cause arguments, and people can never see eye to eye in such matters. But the last few years has pushed me to the point of screaming.

And now, today, I have to vote.

Well, I say I have to vote, I don't have to vote, but I should.

But I have no idea who to vote for. Not any more. Because whoever you vote for, whatever their promises, their offers of change and reform and fixing "Broken Britain" it always ends up being us, at the lower-end of society - that ends up with a knife in our back and boot prints all over us.

Now, if you believe everything that the politicians say: The last government - Labour - was weak and America & Europes puppy. The two Labour Prime Ministers were too soft on everything, the laws were rubbish and weak, and we built up a massive stupid huge debt that could only be fixed by cutting everything. Doom, Gloom, Bleak. Bad.

Election Day comes along, and us lot - well, we can't decide who to vote for, and because of how we voted, we had a hung parliament. No one in proper power. So two apparently enemies - the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats - joined forces and voilà! Coalition Government.

And during the run up to election, it was "I promise this" and "We promise that" and "Vote for THEM and it will all be shit" and so on.

So they Coalition Government stepped into play, grabbed their proverbial bat and... Started smashing the shit out of everything. Health, Schools, Roads, Benefits, Military - everything was slapped stupid. Promises made were "adjusted" and deals struck were tested by the other side.

And now, we are back at to voting - local elections, mind you, not actual government... But here's the thing. When Party 1 fucked everything up, Party 2 just likes looking out for the rich, and Party 3 cannot be trusted at all...

Who the pissing hell are we supposed to vote for?

"Vote! Tell the govenment what you think of them!" come the cries... but they, whoever I vote for will just make another mess of everything. "Vote for B so A don't get as big a majority!" which is all well and good, but then, surely that will just put someone else shite into a position of power.

They have all - ALL of them - screwed everything up so much, it's not even funny. They all point their fingers at one another, they all blame each other for their own policies, they all dredge up sleaze and claims of back-room dealing, underhanded voting and everything else...

The fact of the matter is, I trust NO ONE in Westminster, Not to run the country, not to fix the country, not to help those that matter - THE PEOPLE of the Country.

So for the love of all things holy, what the blazes are we supposed to do?

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One Response to “Who To Trust”

Adullamite said...

Very well expressed.