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If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make me chuckle and smirk, it's going through my StatCounter page to see how people have found 0ddness.

It got to the point in the past that I ended up setting up a separate tag for these posts - mainly so I could look back and shake my head at some of the terms. It has to be said, in the past, some have been amusing, some worrying and some just plain gross. Mainly, with the gross for some reason... Clearly my weirdo-magnet applies to the blog as well as me out in the wild...

But, there is very little that the human race can do any more that shocks, stuns or amazes me.

Over the last couple of weeks, here are some of the terms used to find me or my blog. Before I list them, for the uninitiated, these terms have directed people here because I've used all the words in the blog in general.

So for example. If I write a sentence like "I am so sick of this pissing rain, it's driving me nuts - it's supposed to be my chilled out summer!" in one post, and then in another post I write "I was in Asda, and all the grannies pushing and shoving one another on to the reduced items had me in stitches" then people can find the blog using the words "Grannies Pissing On My Nuts"

Because, you know, people are weird.

  • argument you realize you're wrong
    Not entirely sure this happens to me very often ;)

  • gassing rabbits
    Now, do they mean gassing as in "talking lots" or - more likely - they actually want to GAS rabbits?!

  • something somewhere went terribly wrong wallpaper
    Erm, duh. Welcome to my life! Hope whoever you are fixed it ;)

  • how many children have died from painkillers

  • drunk girl wet pants
    This can only refer to urine. I seem to attract a lot of urine-fans for some reason!

  • 4 ladies milking guy
    Um... Ew?

  • emma from the only way is essex tits
    Ahhh see, I've mentioned That Program in the past, have mentioned a friend called Emma many times, and sure I've spoken about people getting on my tits... NO idea who they mean mind you!

  • witch doctor sexy girls
    Er, I can't even.. I don't even... Huh?!

  • sausage in different languages
    Someone is either A) touring the world and LOVES their sausages and needs to order them, or, B) is trying to make naughty references to their bits.

  • justin bieber c**k in his mouth
    Eeeew!! And, once again, EEEEW! I mean, it probably won't be long till it actually happens, but I certainly won't be putting pictures of it on here!!

  • white small dog...puts face in bowl...dirty face deviantart
    THAT is an oddly specific things to search the internet for...

  • open the fridge and a bear punches you
    And THAT is probably the most random-yet-specific thing to search the internet for. I conjecture the person had a bad experience...

  • pitsea adventure
    Yes, going through Pitsea - especially in the dark - can be an adventure. And you only have one life.

  • girl pees
    MORE urine?!

  • kittens saying hello
    Whatever you are smoking, put it down, open the window, breath fresh air...

So there we have it. Clearly 0ddness is a hub for porn and urine. And very very strange people searching for very very strange things.

Now excuse me, I have to force a bear into my fridge to punch someone...

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