Rant: Trusting Government

With the way the world seems to be spinning out of control, who exactly should we place our faith in?

If you've read 0ddness for any length of time, you will know I don't do politics, and I don't often discuss "Current Events" but to be honest, the way things are going, it's almost like there's little choice.

What I don't get is, Government is broken. We have a Coilition Government running the country that - by all accounts - are running it straight into the ground. Cutting this, slashing that, changing the other. Hospitals, Military, Schools - all the important things are losing money. People often use the phrase "Broken Britain" and it's not far wrong.

The Politicians make lots of promises, they say we WILL do this, and we WON'T do that, and they come into power - I should add, that the coalition running the country formed a government, they were not voted into power. So they make all their promises, get into the driving seat, and one by one, they break their promises, and at the same time make it harder to kick them out of power.

Then it comes to light that a good proportion of them are lying, thieving scumbags, taking OUR money with their bogus reimbersment claims. When they get caught, they use the excuse "But everyone ELSE was doing it!" and they get told "Well, don't do it again" and a small handful are used as sacrificial lambs to show "They are taking a hard stance on bogus claims" and then it's forgotten...

Then there's the different political parties. People might think I am having a pop at the Conservatives/Liberal Democrats, but no no... Some would argue that we are in this mess now because the previous Labour government ran the country like it was one big party, splashing money on everything they wanted, setting up sub-sections for each department that needed money, let the banks run riot around the city... They TOO promise to do this or not do that, and then with a hearty "LOL!" they do the opposite.

Then you can say the government before them made so many changes, it was easy for them to do what they wanted, to spend money like it was water... Then the government before that caused it by doing X, Y or Z, and before that... And so on and so on.

To sum up: HOW can you trust government?

Then there's the press. Everything going on with News Corp or whatever they are called, the phone hacking scandal, the politicians involved... HOW can the press get so much power, they can get the government to do certain things?

And as far as I am concerned, if one group of papers has dodgy practices, there's a bloody good chance that most of the others have bent the rules, snapped the rules, gone all-out and butt-f$cked the rules completely.

They point a finger at the politicians, saying "He said I could!" and they point one back saying "Nu-UH!" and they point back, and they point back, etc etc... And when everyone allegedly involved is sat down and questioned about what they did and what they said, they all suddenly have the worst memory ever. "I don't recall that..." or "I cannot remember that event" or similar.

And after it's all done, once again there are a few sacrificial lambs to show "the hard stance being taken" and within a month, it will all be forgotten

To sum up: HOW can you trust the press?

And lastly - everything that is going on with the banks at the moment, trading millions and billions of our money, giving their bosses millions of pounds in bonuses - even when the bank is f$cking everything up - and running roughshod over the countries economy...

Then there is scandal after scandal in their own ranks - the finacial markets are clearly broken, hence the sodding great recession the whole world seems to be suffering with. The big banks losing X-billion pounds thanks to some trader making a couple of mistakes. Rate fixing scandals...

Again, the government is involved, it wants to do this, it wants to do that - the banks kick and scream and threaten to take their ball away, so the government doesn't carry out its threats. And again, there are members of government involved - some have shares, some are on boards... I am not talking just Conservatives here either, Labour was clearly very pro-banker too when it was in power.

With all the scandal and dodgy trading and everything else, the banks mess up the economy, they gamble with OUR money, and the public cry out, and near the end, there are one or two sacrificial lambs - lambs that no doubt will receive multi-million pound golden handshakes regardless of the fact they are quitting because they messed up - and once the dust has settled, it will all be forgotten...

To sum up: HOW can you trust the banks?

So government is full of liars and back-stabbers, and sum are probably corrupt and can be bought. The press does what it likes, and has a foot in the door of government. The banks do what they like, and also have their fingers in government-based pies...

What the flying fornication is going on with this country?!

I was taught to believe that the government - the people that run the country FOR the people of the country - that they are good, and honest, and upright, and each and every Member of Parliament is there to represent us, our best interests, our concerns, to listen and understand what us THE PEOPLE want and need. And yet, they do what they want, spend our money on what they want, and when us THE PEOPLE stand up and say "NO! We do NOT like that, we do NOT agree!" the government give us another hearty "LOL!" and do exactly what they want.

They do not listen, they do not understand, and clearly, they do not care. It doesn't matter who is in power, it doesn't matter what promises they make, they just cannot be trusted.

And clearly, they know that us THE PEOPLE can do precisely nothing about it. Petitions don't work, Strikes don't work, Protests don't work, hell, RIOTS did nothing except make those in power say "LOL! Broken Britain, parents need to be tougher!" and bloody well blamed us THE PEOPLE for it.

If you are rich, have rich friends in the press or in banks, or can drum up a shit-ton of money, THEN you can play Government with all the other rich-people-with-powerful-friends that sit on the front row... Otherwise, you sit elsewhere in the great big room, and can shout and scream until your heart is content, but the people at the front clearly don't give a shit.

Do you ever get the feeling it's all going to shit?

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