Yay Losing!

If Hollywood is to be believed, today is the day that we fight back, and reclaim Earth from the invading alien horde.

However, assuming this has not happened (again), today is probably another standard 4th of July around the world. Which, over here, being that it's not Summer, means it's raining shock-horror-whatever-shall-we-do-oh-wait-it's-Britsh-Summertime.

A lot of schools around here - and indeed, a few shops in fact - have decided to do that fun thing and jump in on the 4th July celebrations. American flags, red-white-and-blue stuff (possibly left over from the Jubilee, so on special offer) and "American" themed school dinners which, invariably, means burger and chips.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger - that IS what the schools do for American themed lunches over here.

What I don't quite understand, is why we "celebrate" it over here. Effectively, what we are doing, is celebrating that we lost a war.

Now, I am not one of these Brits that rants and raves (seriously, mind you) about us being better than them, about how we would've won if we did X, Y or Z, or all the rest of it. Conversely, a lot of the people I know over there aren't the sort to use the "If it wasn't for us during WWII..." chestnut that a lot of Americans seem to fall back onto during pretty much any argument.

Regardless - I can't seem to figure out why we celebrate it over here. It just seems like a strange thing to do to me.

Or is that it, is it just me?

Still. To all my American friends over there, Happy 4th July! May your day be filled with food, family, friends and parties. And enjoy blowing small dents and craters into the planet with your fireworks.

Just try keeping all digits and limbs intact eh ;)

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One Response to “Yay Losing!”

Kim said...

Just another case of jumping on the american bandwagon, like trick or treat and "have a nice day" .. We'll be celebrating bloody thanksgiving next!
What a load of s**t