Musical Monday #142 - Kickstarts

As usual, I am behind with the times, and as usual, the "Cool New Song" I'm listening to is a year or two old.

But ya'll can sue me. It's new to me ;)

I don't think I've ever heard of Example before, but we were sat in McDonalds on my birthday, eating our breakfast (breakfasts, in my case!) and this came on over the sound system.

"Ooh I like this song!" I decree, pull out my phone and let SoundHound do it's thing and tell me what it is. However, being that my birthday was, shall we say, a little busier than expected, I didn't get a chance to find the song.

And then forgot about it until I heard it again over the weekend, blasting out of a car.

"Ooh I like this song!" I decree - which was odd, as I was alone - and pulled out my phone - at which point, the Deja Vu kicked in, and I realised I knew who it was and what it was called...

So here we are: Example - Kickstarts

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