To Coin A Phrase (Sorta) Pt. Four

OK, yes, another month has kind of skidded by, leaving me stood at the side of the road, covered in dust, wondering "What the buggery just happened?!"

First off - and most obviously - yes, the 0ddness WebCam is back and broadcasting. It'll be on most of the time, probably poked out the front window watching the (boring) world go by. I might - for a bit of variety every now and then - move it elsewhere. No idea where, but you get my point ;)

If you can't get it to work, there is a good chance you need a plugin for your browser. Click on the Camstreams link under the video, go to their FAQ/Support section, and you'll find a download link.

So what else has been going on? Well, for a change of pace... Chaos, mostly. Weekend before last, Kellie had this really good idea of switching our room with the living room. A good idea, as it meant more space in the family room, a good idea, as it meant I don't have to fight with stairs during the day.


When Kellie first moved in, the original plan was to have the living room where it is NOW, and our bedroom where it is NOW. I say NOW because the furniture has all been moved around, and it was hell on earth.

Hell. On. Earth.

Had Kellie listened to me in the first place, etc etc.

The Saturday & Sunday it "happened" was a bloody nightmare of moving stuff, cleaning stuff, hoovering, sweeping, sorting through junk, lugging stuff up and down stairs - it was complete and utter chaos.

Which, let's be honest, seems to be the theme here.

It took both Saturday and Sunday to get some semblance of order, and it wasn't till Monday that I had the network rewired and back up and running. On the plus side, I now have my own little Man Corner in the house where I can get up to all sorts of shenanigans should the mood take me.

Yes, I have a broken chair. No, I don't have a new one, but I'll survive - it's not like I spend that long sitting there anyway. Mrs Laptop & Myself spend a lot of time together on the sofa...


Other than that, the house is still recovering from the big reshuffle, so there are random items in random places all over the house. For instance, the laundry basket to the left of my desk...

The kids are all doing brilliantly now they're back at school - the boys both worked the school open evening, and the girls have both settled into their classes - Molly in the last year of Juniors, Tamsyn in the first year of Juniors...

Scary stuff.

And me... Yes, well... The less said the better really. I'm doing my best to stay positive, keep my happy face on and keep pushing through everything that is thrown my way, but I can't help but feel like I'm being punished for something I've done in a previous life. I keep thinking I'll turn a corner and see that things are brighter, but each corner I turn seems to have more crap hiding behind it, and it's wearing me very thin...

Still, I'm not throwing in the towel yet.. As a wise woman fish once said, Just Keep Swimming...

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