Taking the words of Barry McGuire and Jim Morrison, apparently today is the eve of destruction (well, technically that would have been yesterday I suppose) and this is the end.

I say apparently, because let's be honest, if the world ends today, I'd be VERY surprised. And humbled too, I suppose, at being wrong on a public forum...

But I digress.

Over the last few months, I've seen and read amusing stuff about today, but over the last week or so, it's reached fever pitch, and the fact that it's been on mainstream news since YESTERDAY that today could be the end of the world, well, to be honest, I'm pissed of with it.

However, something relating to this has pissed me off even more.

Today, stood in the playground waiting for Tam to go in, there were more than "several" kids crying and sobbing... More than usual, that is - I'm not counting the "But I don't wannnnnaaaa go to schooool *snifflesnotsob*" stuff.  These children were crying because they were genuinely scared that today was "it"

When I walked Tam to the door, I noticed a couple of teachers were stood holding hands with additional crying little'uns, doing their best to work damage control. The one thing ALL these crying kids had in common?

"Mummy/Daddy said the world is going to end today!"

Now, whether or not the parents had mentioned it in a joking/flippant manner, or worse, they had told their kids today was their last day on earth, surely if you saw Junior was upset about "The End of the World is Nigh!" rubbish, you'd sit them down and tell them not to worry, all is well, it's just people being silly and having a big joke.

If you're one of these people that actually genuinely believe the world is going to end, scaring the living piss out of your child is not on. Tam stood with one of her friends, reassuring her that it's just a lot of rubbish, and "Daddy says the world isn't going to end so stop crying!"

I'm not putting the news on today.. I know it's going to be filled with "The ancient Mayans this..." and "Upside Down French Mountain that" and everything in between - probably including crackpots that "know the truth" and similar.

If you've convinced your child that the world is going to end, then I'm sorry, but you are a moron. Plain, simple, fact. If you've not only convinced them of this, but have ALSO reduced them to tears, you should be bloody ashamed of yourself.

Saying the world is going to end because the Mayan calendar runs out is no different to saying the western world hasn't printed a single 2016 Calendar yet, so the world is going to end in 2015. Woe and Doom.

My view? The world won't end until every single person on the planet is actually, truly "Happy" Once whichever invisible being achieves 100% World Happiness, then the game ends, and they get to start on level two.

Dear Earth: Please get a f$cking grip.

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One Response to “21/12/2012”

GreenCastle said...

Too funny and so true....