Duelling Banjos

Even if you've never seen the movie Deliverance, there is a huge chance you've heard the famous (infamous?) bit of music entitled "Duelling Banjos" in which one of the characters plays his guitar "against" a hill-billy kid...

The music has become synonymous with backwater/inbred sorts over the years (I think it might be the Official Music of certain counties in the South West UK, or parts of East Anglia...) and if you hear it, you know the tune.

But I digress. We're not bashing Cornwall or Norfolk (oops) here. Nor the southern US states. My original point is the bit of music.

I WAS going to post this on Monday under the Musical Monday subject, but decided that as I love it so much, I'm going to share it with you now.

For those of you that have never heard of Bill Bailey, he is a British comedian that is also an actor and also a musician. If you've never seen one of his shows, he has lots of musical stuff going on. He often touches on similar themes, such as The Wurzels, Star Wars and not trusting Joggers (after all, they're the ones that always find the bodies of murder victims...)

Last night, while slogging through a pile of Christmas Presents to wrap, we put on a couple of his DVDs to watch while we created a pile of stuff under the tree. One of these shows, Tinselworm, had a version of the Duelling Banjos on it that blew me away.

From the different things I've seen him do, he likes to do his own take on various things, and often plays strange instruments like the Theramin, Mandolins and similar. This video is no different - you honestly have to watch but especially LISTEN. It's well worth playing loud.

I don't know what it is about it, but this version makes me smile, a big stupid cheesy smile. It's proper feel-good music if you ask me, and the level of talent on display is astounding.

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