A Post Of Mistaken Identity

On many occasions, I have made reference to one of my fun fancy issues... That of the Brain Fog.

I KNOW I get it a lot, but more often than not, when I mention it, most people don't have a clue what I am on about. Confusion, Forgetfulness and Blonde Moments do NOT cover it... And today, I had an immense Brain Fog moment.

So much so, that I was writing an entirely different blog post five minutes ago, until a wee child pointed out the obvious to me.

Being that I am happy to admit when I am wrong (mainly because it doesn't happen very often!) I decided to scrap THAT post, and write THIS post.

My fog today descended while, of all things, I was sat waiting for a bus. Bored out my skull, alternating between "Ahhh this is nice" when the sun was on me, to "Hmm, Brrrr!" when the sun went behind a cloud.

On my right was the following advert:

You might need to clicky to embiggen this to see what I am talking about... However, this is the advert I was sat beside, reading to pass the time waiting on a bus (that was late!!)

So I'm reading, and looking at the prices crossed out beside each item, and then I notice there's a gap underneath each crossed out price...

"Oooh silly Asda, how foolish you are, mw-ha-ha and indeed, haaaa! You've forgotten to put the new reduced price on each item! I shall now photograph this, chuckle all the way home, then mock you for your afore-mentioned foolishness!"

I got on the bus (still chuckling), I got in (still smirking), plonked the shopping down (still grinning), I had lunch (still tittering), and proceeded to write the blog post.

Molly - aged 10, you might recall - was sat behind me and saw me writing.

"What's that?" she asked... "Just me -" I replied "- writing a blog post about how Asda -" GiggleChuckleSmirk "- forgot to write down the price of the items and put it on a poster!!"

Cue much hand-rubbing-in-glee at the hilarity of the blog post.

"What, that price THERE?" she chimes in, pointing at the F$CKING-GREAT-BIG-£20-IN-RED-AND-GLITTER at the top of the poster...

My hand rubbing/chuckling/gaffawing/smirking and general self-amusement suddenly switches off. I look at the sign, blink a couple of times, and being a man, I hold the tears in and start the process of "Highlight-All-Delete-All" in the blog post.

And start over.

In future, when I refer to my Brain Fog, you should now have a pretty good idea of what it's like to be me.

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One Response to “A Post Of Mistaken Identity”

Jenny Woolf said...

It has just taken me a good ten minutes to find the comment box on the blog. Does that count as brain fog? If so, then I have it all the time. I noticed the £20 sign but I didn't register it. I mean, for heavens sake I have IMPORTANT things to think about you know - not curlers.

Thanks for the post, it made me laugh.