Let It Snow (ish)

So, once again, Jolly Old Blighty has received a scattering of snow. Not a lot mind you, but considering it was clear at 3am this morning, to be written by Kellie at half seven with a girlie "oooooh look out the window" followed by the kids willing the schools to be shut...

I like the snow - I love it in fact - but for starters, I like SNOW! Not, for all intents and purposes, what can be conducted a thick frost. Which Kellies brain told her it was first thing.

I love it when, due to a foot or three of snow, everything slows down. Not when half an inch stops buses and shuts schools.

I have a love/hate relationship with how our country "copes" and "deals" with the white stuff. It both cracks me up and pisses me off to see the chaos it causes.

Am I any better than the people struggling to cope, apparently as it seems I am struggling to cope with The People. But if they can moan about the weather, I can moan about them.

To put it into perspective how bad this weather ISN'T... I am writing this blog post while walking into town...


Those of you of a female persuasion: Those designer Ugg Boots you HAD to have and wear all summer... They had sod-all grip to start with. The fact you're slipping and falling on your arse proves this. Those of you with soaking wet backsides - either you have the same issue, or need to see a  doctor.


Also: women wearing their pyjamas or WORSE, a Onesie, while in a school run... Stop it, please. Essex already had a bad name, you lot stood outside the school gate puffing away on your cancer sticks, huddling and shivering in you PYJAMAS in the SNOW... Get a sodding grip.

So, I've now arrived at the opticians, dry, intact, and the snow is almost gone.

Watch this space for the next time wild weather strikes and strangles the country.

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