I honestly do not understand what is going on with this country at the moment.

As a general rule, I avoid politics... However, every now and then, I get to the point where I see so much crud going on I have to say something.

So, here's that point...

Our government have been running rough-shod over the country for so long now, people seem to have just accepted it, and take everything they throw at us with a roll of the eyes. They have worked so hard on pointing the finger at a group or a class of people, they've made them out to be the badguys, thus diverting attention from THEM.

Here's what's hacked me off at the moment. The country is up in arms that cheap beefburgers have been found to contain horse meat. Some less than 1%, one brand almost 30%.

Now, had it turned out to be pig cock, or chicken lungs, or fuzzy kittens, fair enough. Torches & Pitchforks.

However, this is horsemeat which - let's be honest - is just meat.

On the other side of the scale, we've got our government. Our government that think they "deserve" and "need" a payrise of over 30% a year. The same government that accuse people LIKE ME of being on the sponge and not in need of an additional 1% increase on our money.

This is the same government that have just slashed the starting salary of the police by over £4,000. The same that have just shafted pensions.

The government has managed to do its best in convincing the general populace that those of us on benefits are dirty cheats, that live in the lap of luxury, chortling to ourselves as we watch people going to work in the mornings. Granted, yes, I am sure there ARE people like that - those that claim benefits they are not entitled to, those that claim but work cash in  hand, and those that fiddle the system in general... But for everyone to look down their noses at us because WE are ripping off the country?

I'm sorry, but it is not on.

How is it that the politicians can sit and decide their own wages? That they claim expenses willy-nilly for stupid sodding items, yet for the last two weeks, we've had to scrimp and scrap just so we can feed the kids?! The loops and hoops and pitfalls that people like me have to jump through to get anything, yet those in power have people to drive them all over the place, yet the money for them to do this... Our pockets.

So forget the burgers, forget the fact that it's all doom and gloom due to incoming snow (it's Winter, it's pretty much a given), and refocus on how these people "leading" the country are doing nothing but smash up our way of life and changing our country for the worse.

And consider: we've still got two years of these muppets in power.

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